How to Make Amazing Sparkle Balls Out of Plastic Cups

How to Build Amazing Sparkle Balls Out of Plastic Cups

It’s hard to believe that you can make something this beautiful with few plastic cups! This is a perfect craft to make with kids as it’s simple and straightforward but really magical!

Great if you have loads of fairy lights lying around waiting to be used in inventive cool ways!

The end results are beautiful, who wouldn’t love a few of these sparkle balls hanging in their front room. If you are always on the look out for simple but effective festive decor ideas then look no further!

Most of the items you will need you will have lying around already!

Materials you will need:

50 Plastic Cups

50 LED Lights

Heavy Duty Stapler

3 Clothes Pegs

An Electric Drill

Watch this video for the full tutorial!

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