11 Tacky, Hilarious & Festive Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweaters

11 Tacky, Hilarious & Festive Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweaters MAIN

It’s hard to believe that the tradition of holding ugly Christmas sweater parties is a relatively new one, since they’ve quickly become a must-attend party that’s replaced traditional holiday parties.

Ugly sweater parties are a great way to have a festive party, since the goal is to look as silly as possible. Pick up an ugly sweater from a local thrift store if you want, but we’ve found some really excellent ugly sweaters that you won’t want to miss–plus, DIY tutorials for each one.

We’ve found sweaters for every member of the family, including the dog! Check out these awesomely tacky sweaters and get inspired!



Tacky Rudolph Christmas Sweater – This is an awesome idea for a simple sweater that’s perfectly and fully decorated for the holiday!


Advent Calendar Christmas Sweater – This is a really simple take on a tacky Christmas sweater that you might even wear on Christmas Eve! A small brooch lets you denote which day you’re wearing it on!


Easy DIY Ugly Sweater – If you’re not great at DIYs or don’t have a lot of time before the party, you can transform a simple, plain sweater into an adorably ugly Christmas sweater in an hour or so.


Festive Christmas Tree Dog Sweater – Let Fido get in on the action too! This adorable sweater is the perfect way to spread the holiday cheer!


Grumpy Cat Christmas Sweater – Now you can wear everyone’s favorite Internet cat, expressing your distaste for way-too-early Christmas sales or parties.


Reindeer Maternity Sweater – This is a great way to wear a big, bulky sweater that fits your belly without looking like a marshmallow. And so cute too!



Glitzy Reindeer Ugly Sweater – this is a great way to re-purpose an already Christmas-y sweater. Glitter, a reindeer, and some felt, and you have a super cute ugly sweater.


Mustache Sweaters – Mustaches might not be as popular now as they were a few years ago, but these sweaters are still really adorable. A series of mustaches form a Christmas tree in the center of a pre-existing sweater.

star trek sweater

Star Trek Spock Christmas Sweater – Perfect for the geeky member of your family, this Spock sweater is a cinch to make!


Tacky Tie Christmas Sweater – Your significant other probably has a lot of old,tacky Christmas ties, so why not snag a few to create this amazingly tacky Christmas tree motif


Elf Sweater-Onesie for Baby – We’ve saved the cutest for last. Make baby an adorable onesie that’s snuggly, soft, and warm. Not to mention, it’s cute as a button!