7 Foolproof Ways to Keep Flies Out Of Your Home & Garden

I waste hours of my life chasing after flies. First I try to usher them out of an open window, but when that fails, I normally have to resort to the fly swatter. Wouldn’t it be better if we could just stop flies from entering our home and invading our gardens in the first place?… [read more]

21 Ways To Cover Up Those Hard-To-Hide Household Eyesores

We all have things in our home that we need, but they aren’t pretty. Whether it’s hardware, technology, or just the plain old outlets in the wall, they can be unsightly. While it’s easy to push a dresser in front of an ugly vent, it’s not always that simple. We’ve compiled a list of ways to… [read more]

21 Life-Saving Ways To Declutter The Kitchen

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23 Incredible Ways To Improve Every Room In Your House

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20 Awesome Ways To Declutter Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is anything like ours,  you probably have an awful lot of hair products, styling tools, and other sundries cluttering up your countertop, shelving, and just generally making your bathroom feel smaller and dirty. The first step to decluttering your bathroom is always to haul everything out into the light and then do… [read more]

21 Genius Ways To Keep Your Home & Garden Free Of Annoying Insects

It’s summertime! That means that all those nasty insects and pests are swarming, and you might be left itching or irritated. If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors relaxing, you’ve probably tried to tackle a mosquito infestation using tiki torches or other chemicals. Even worse, you may have had a wasp issue.… [read more]

13 Ways To Boost Curb Appeal & Improve Your Home Value

Whether you’re trying to sell your home, or just moved into a new one, curb appeal is everything. Even if the inside of your home is breathtaking, it’s almost impossible to convince other people if the curb appeal is not. If you’re trying to sell your home while lacking curb appeal, you may find people… [read more]

84 Tutorials To Help You Become More Self Sufficient

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7 Ways To Repel Mosquitoes That ACTUALLY Work

Mosquitoes are one of summers only downsides. They invade homes and gardens and leave behind unsightly bites that itch and annoy and that can’t be scratched. There are lots of mosquito repelling “gimmicks” that have been discredited, but there are also lots of ways to repel mosquitoes that really work and this article is all about… [read more]

Do This With Your Kids Old Toys And Make Something That Will Look Beautiful In Any Home

Sometimes when we take kids old toys to the thrift store, all the memories go with it. But at the same time keeping all of them would be a nightmare, as they would probably take over your entire home. Wouldn’t it be nice to hang on to some of those sentimental memento’s and make something… [read more]