28 Great Garden Party Ideas

The sun is out, the days are longer and it is warmer which can only mean one thing…It’s time to throw a garden party. Whether you want sophisticated and elegant or rustic and hipster we have everything here you’ll need. You don’t have to spend a fortune or hours and hours preparing, with this list… [read more]

20 Ideal Gifts For Gardeners

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10 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Grow At Home

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8 Fantastic Old Tire DIY Ideas

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11 Stunning Water Feature Ideas

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25 Genius Garden Toy Ideas

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19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders

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20 Surprisingly Beautiful Things To Make With Logs

Logs are often seen as just things to throw on a fire , at homemadehomeideas.com we feel there is so much more we can make, create and do with logs. From making clocks, paths and chairs to crafting coasters, lights and planters, there really is a DIY for every log no matter what size and… [read more]

13 DIY Fire Pit Ideas

As the nights get colder we tend to bunk down and light the fire indoors and relax on the couch. However these DIY fire pit ideas can help you get outside whilst staying warm and toasty. We have a list of DIYs that vary in difficulty, materials used and available space. Not only will you… [read more]

18 Stunning DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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