19 Clever Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Whenever Summer is mentioned we almost always think of family BBQ’s in the garden, lounging by a pool or on a beach somewhere, tasty iced drinks…the list goes on! As fun as the sun can be, surviving through the heat is not always easy but with this collection of ideas you can cool off in… [read more]

20 Creative Ways To Display Your Photos

This fantastic collection features lots of creative and powerful ways to display your photography, and will inspire you to showcase your memories in an incredibly thought provoking way! They’re all easy to make so, whether you’re a novice or an expert, any level of crafter can enjoy these simple projects! Glowing Photo Luminaries – These easy to… [read more]

23 Innovative Mason Jar Projects For This Summer

  Mason jars are no longer just for canning…in fact, their usefulness knows no limits and with these amazing ideas you’ll be able to find some fun projects for the summer! There’s something here for foodies and crafters, for gardeners and home decor, so what are you waiting for? Get your mason jars out and… [read more]

25 Beauty Recipes For The Ultimate Pampering Session

This amazing collection of beauty recipes has everything you need to create the perfect spa experience at home. Foot soaks, face scrubs, hair masks and moisturizing creams…you name it, this list has got all of the homemade products you could ask for to refresh you from head to toe! Face Hydrating Watermelon Face Mask –… [read more]

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18 DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects That Will Transform Your Garden

Relax in style this summer with these amazing outdoor furniture projects. Get in the garden and enjoy the sun in ultimate comfort with a homemade pallet lounger, entertain friends well into the evening with your very own backyard bar or gather all your family to check out your new decorative planters. These simple DIY’s are… [read more]

23 Tips, Tricks & DIY Ideas For An Amazing Summer

Make sure this Summer is the best yet with our amazing collection of tips and tricks! Fun and games, food and drink, garden decor…whatever you’re after you’ll find it here. So whether you’re looking forward to chilling out with friends on the deck, grilling up a feast for your family or soaking your kids in… [read more]

17 Outrageously Fun Summer Water Activities For Kids

Make a splash with these super-fun water games and activities! Perfect for summer, all 17 of these ideas will not only help to beat the heat but they’re guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for hours! Bubbles, water balloons, slip & slides…you name it, this collection has got it! DIY Sand & Water Table –… [read more]

20 Earth-Friendly Ways To Recycle Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are an eco-enemy, so rather than leaving them for hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill site why not make the most out of them and get a little bit crafty? This collection of ideas offers 20 unique ways in which you can recycle those pesky plastic bags. Transform them into napkin… [read more]

524 Amazing Ways To Reuse Things You’d Normally Throw Away

Stop! Before you head to the garbage bin with things you want to throw away, consider whether there’s anything more you can do with your old stuff! From coffee grounds to egg cartons and old t-shirts, this fantastic collection offers many creative ideas on how you can reuse everyday items around your home. 20 Clever Ways… [read more]

23 Of The Most Fun DIY Projects Ever

DIY doesn’t get better than this! These fun and practical builds will impress and inspire…the only thing you have to worry about is which one to make first! A pizza oven? A lava lamp? A bean bag chair? This collection has got something for everyone! Build Your Own Pizza Oven For $20 – That’s right, with… [read more]