13 Crafty Ways To Use Coffee Filters You’d Never Of Thought Of

Coffee filters are super cheap and can be used in so many ways that don’t actually involve coffee. We love the idea of using them in fun arts and crafts projects. Not only are they ridiculously cheap, but also really versatile. Here are just a few of the ways you can use coffee filters during… [read more]

18 Genius Ways To Re-Use Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel packets – the small pouches of tiny clear beads you find inside the packaging of everything from vitamins and beef jerky to new shoes and electronics – are thrown away by the thousands in households around the world. What most people don’t realize is that these tiny innocuous packets possess incredible re-use value.… [read more]

80 Mind Blowing Kitchen Hacks That Will Rock Your World

While sometimes time spent in the kitchen is relaxing and enjoyable (think cooking warm, hearty stews on a cold winters day), sometimes we just want to get things done as quickly as possible. This article compiles 80 of the cleverest, most ingenious, “why didn’t I think of that” ideas for becoming the most efficient and… [read more]

12 Clever Cleaning Tips For The Tricky Stuff

If you always put off cleaning those tricky areas of your home, this list of fantastic tips will provide you with the know-how you need to make the job easy and simple. From cleaning mattresses and oven doors to washing machines and drip coffee makers, this list covers all of those crucial areas in the… [read more]

13 Coffee Hacks Every Coffee Lover Needs To Know

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Not only does it give you a much needed energy boost, it tastes great and is a perfect way to relax and enjoy something hot or cold. With so many types of coffee and ways to make it, there are a variety of coffee hacks… [read more]

16 Most Spectacular Real Life Porch Makeovers

Whether or not your porch is tired and old and needs just a little TLC, or is in need of a complete transformation, this wonderful collection is a celebration of peoples hard work, frugality and determination, and will hopefully give you the inspiration to make-over your porch this year. Included in this blog post are sixteen… [read more]

15 Ways To Turn Trash Into The Most Extraordinary Things You’d Never Imagine

Bloggers around the world are blessed with the creativity to turn trash or old junk into something beautiful. On this page we share fifteen of the world’s best “trash to treasure” transformations. From old pickle jars, used tin cans, empty wine bottles and much more – there is a way to transform it into something beautiful. Stunning… [read more]

How To Find Free Pallets for DIY Projects

When it comes to pallet-based upcycling for the do-it-yourselfer, there are hundreds of great ideas out there from creative garden designs to home furnishings and decor. The big question is, “Where do I find free pallets?” Here we take a look at some good tips for finding the best pallets for the job, as well as a few… [read more]

10 Genius Ways To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

For the average household, summertime leads to higher energy bills as people crank up the air conditioning in their homes in order to combat rising temperatures outdoors. Unfortunately, families with a tight budget may find themselves forced to choose between in-home comfort or having to make sacrifices in other financial areas. Also, with the modern… [read more]

33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog Ever

Sometimes our four-legged friends need some pampering and attention to make them feel as special as they make us feel. If you are stuck for inspiration on how to treat your dogs, look no further… From snuggly dog beds and funky light-up leashes, there is an idea to suit every pooch… Dog Waste Bag Holder… [read more]

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