7 Ways To Repel Mosquitoes That ACTUALLY Work

Mosquitoes are one of summers only downsides. They invade homes and gardens and leave behind unsightly bites that itch and annoy and that can’t be scratched. There are lots of mosquito repelling “gimmicks” that have been discredited, but there are also lots of ways to repel mosquitoes that really work and this article is all about… [read more]

How To Make An Easy Mosquito Trap – Catch 1000s Of Mosquitoes Every Night

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Organic Trick For The Most Beautiful, Colorful, Bountiful Roses That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

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You’ll Never Guess Why This Guy Is Pouring A Blue Liquid On A Diaper. Trying This!

Diapers are brilliant at absorbing liquid (which probably isn’t surprising, considering what they were invented for), but what is surprising is just how many ways you can use the absorbent crystals inside. One of these things is making DIY ice gel packs, perfect for when you need an instant cheap ice pack! Another great way to… [read more]

How To Make An Emergency USB Charger – Never Run Out Of Phone Battery Again!

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You’ll Never Throw Light Bulbs Away Again After You See What You Can Make With Them

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How To Transfer A Photo Onto Wood

Nowadays, we take tons of photos on our smart phones but rarely do we actually use them or print them off as real photos! All those memories are just stored away on computers and virtual folders…why not change that and celebrate those captured moments by using your favorite snaps for this super simple DIY? Transferring… [read more]

13 Spectacular Space Saving Shoe Storage Solutions

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7 Homemade Dog Treats Your Pooch Will Love

Giving your dog a treat now and again is a great way to reward good behavior and show them your love. Most of us with dogs will know just how much they love to eat! And with this in mind, we thought we would share these incredible recipes for dog treats you can make at home.… [read more]