33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog Ever

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Meat Treats – These dehydrated pieces of meat are a great dog friendly treat full of goodness and protein, no nasty chemicals you wouldn’t want your dog to eat unlike a lot of store bought versions!

Buckwheat Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats – Full of yummy doggie favorites, these treats will be loved by your pooch, why not spoil them and make some today?

Doggie Ice Lick – This would be perfect for a hot day, when the dog looks hot and bored, providing endless fun, this in-expensive toy is perfect for all pooches.

Pet Supply Cabinet – It’s surprising how much stuff one dog can ‘own’, this is a great way to keep all their things hidden away in a stylish cabinet. This way you won’t spend ages looking for that one particular dog brush you put somewhere safe…

DIY Dog Stuff Bucket – If you don’t have the room for a cabinet, why not opt for this super cheap alternative. This dollar store DIY allows you to create a personalized bucket to store all your dogs toys and belongings.

33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog EverCar Seat Hammock For Dogs – This is a great way to transport your dogs safely and with little mess and hair. This simple sewing tutorial will take you through all the steps necessary to make this fabulous hammock!

Dog Tags – Easy downloadable templates help you design and make your own DIY dog tags, this would be perfect if you wanted to reflect your dogs unique style and personality!

Dish Towel Dog Toy – There is no need to spend fortunes on dog toys, after all they are only going to get ripped and eaten by your four legged friend. This is a great way of re-using dish clothes, why not try old t-shirts too.

Tennis Ball Dog Puzzle – A super simple trick that will keep your dog entertained for ages, at the end of the puzzle they get a small reward and you get some peace and  quite…

DIY Dog Bottle Toy – Here is a brilliant video tutorial, making sure you can follow all steps easily, within no time at all, your dog will be occupied with this fun bottle toy.

Braid-ball Dog Toy – This fantastic DIY dog toy is easy to make, and so cheap too. You probably have all the elements all ready lying around the house.

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