33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog Ever

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Up-cycled Dog Feeder – Check out this super chic ombre dog feeder that will jazz up any kitchen, not only is stylish but really practical too!

DIY Dog Bandanna – This doggie bandanna will make your pooch the coolest on the block, a great little DIY that the kids can get involved with. Perfect for any stylish and fashion aware pups!

33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog EverPreppy Dog Bow Collar – This super cute bow collar is simple to make and cheap to achieve. Why not pop this collar on your dog when going to a special occasion like a garden party.

Doggie Dream Bed – This comfy DIY dog bed will ensure your pooch gets a restful nights sleep, color co-ordinate this with your own interior styling and it won’t ever feel out of place.

Dog Drawer Beds – A dog bed turned old drawer, these not only ooze style but are so simple to assemble as the shape is already there, just add bedding for comfort..

Dog Bed For The Kennel – If your pup sleeps in a kennel and you want to add some home comfort, this specific tutorial allows you to make sure you pooch is comfy and relaxed.

$12 DIY Dog Bed – Can you believe this only cost $12 to make, it looks so cosy, we think any dog would love to have this as their own bed. Saves you kicking them off the couch! Look at how happy Gizmo looks…

Peanut Butter Pupcakes – How come adults and children get cakes on their birthdays and pets often get left out? Not any more, look at this fantastic pupcake recipes – made with dog friendly ingredients, these are perfect!

Dog Food Pupcakes – This recipe requires items you are likely to have lying around along with your dogs everyday food. A simple project, why not get the kids involved too!

33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog EverApple Cheddar & Bacon Bit Dog Treats – This delicious dog treat recipe looks good enough for human consumption, but best not hey. Leave your dogs to enjoy these delights.

Pumpkin Pup Treats – Simple to make, these treats are great if you are training your doggie, make sure you reward them with good natural treats that you make at home.

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