33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog Ever

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33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog Ever

Sometimes our four-legged friends need some pampering and attention to make them feel as special as they make us feel. If you are stuck for inspiration on how to treat your dogs, look no further…

From snuggly dog beds and funky light-up leashes, there is an idea to suit every pooch…

33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog EverDog Waste Bag Holder With Treats Pocket – This DIY requires a little sewing, so get the cotton, needle and your favorite fabric and get started.

Dog Clean Up Bags – Make sure you walk your dog in style with this handy DIY clean up bags. Add a touch of fun, to a not so fun job…

Dog Shampoo & Conditioner – Muddy walks, dogs and clean flooring don’t go well together, why not make them squeaky clean with this awesome DIY shampoo and conditioner recipe.

Minty Vanilla Dog Spray – When you haven’t got time to wash the dog properly and you have friends coming over this is a great spray to have on hand. This avoids those embarrassing stares at the smelly dog…

Dry Shampoo For Dogs – If your pooch doesn’t like bathing, then this simple dry shampoo alternative is a great way of making sure their fur is fresh and smelling it’s best. No to mention that the essential oils used in this recipe repel fleas too – bonus!

Anti Flea Shampoo – This wonderful recipe is a great way to keep your furry friend flea-less and it;s completely natural too, so you don’t have to worry about questionable chemicals.

DIY Doggie Gate -Save money with this brilliant tutorial for up-cycling an old crib into a dog gate. There’s no need to spend loads on a purpose built gate as this works just the same!

33 DIY Projects To Make Your Dog The Happiest Dog EverDIY LED Dog Leash & Collar – If you walk your dog at night or early in the morning, then this LED dog leash could be make your walks much safer for you and your dog. Not only will it make your dogs visible to motorists, you are sure to spot him if he goes walkabout.

5 Step DIY Dog Leash – This fantastic tutorial only has 5 simple steps so it couldn’t be easier to make, not forgetting a lot cheaper than one bought from the pet store.

Personalized Dog Bowl & Placemat – Make sure you spoil your four legged friends with a personalized dog bowl, together with a no-mess placemat for their bowls.

Elevated Feeding Station – If your dog is a larger breed, then your next DIY project should definitely be this stylish feeding station made from old recycled chairs. A clever way to re-use old items.

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