25 Best Apps That Will Help You Get Fit In 2016

25 Best Apps That Will Help You Get Fit In 2016

As 2016 rolls around, finding yourself resolving to improve your heath isn’t an uncommon sentiment. But between busy schedules, work or school, and other responsibilities, it can often feel like no one is on your side when it comes to the struggles of dieting and weight loss. You’re not alone! There are hundreds of weight loss and dieting Apps available on Android and iPhone, but finding the one that is right for you can be a tough challenge. Browsing these great examples should hopefully give you the courage you need for your 2016 endeavor!

1. Lose it Weight Loss App – Lose it! is not only available for both Android and iPhone, but also for your PC. It claims a total wellness approach to your health, including goal tracking for exercise and dieting.

2. Pact – This year Pact wants you to “Commit to You”. With an innovative ‘Cash stake’ system, you can both earn money and lose weight at the same time. Talk about real incentive!

3. MyFitnessPal – For all the iPhone users out there, MyFitness pay has incredible graphical representations of how much you eat and how much you exercise. For those people who prefer visuals to numbers, give this a look.

4. Diet Hero App – Another iPhone App, Diet Hero is designed to focus more on what you eat. It sports a clean and simple-to-use interface with a weekly meal planner included.

5. Fooducate – An excellent meal planning app to help you cook and consume healthy foods, Fooducate has an impressive food knowledge database to check out, as well as handy SKU scanning for exact meal details and a handy track-your-progress tool.

6. Nike+ Training Club – Specifically designed for women, and available on both iPhone and Android, Nike+ Training Club simulates your own personal trainer without the expensive costs of hiring your own.

7. iPhone Health App for iOS 9 – The newest Health app for iOS comes with a slew of great day-to-day features, as well as helps you to find a great starting point if you’re looking to pick up the pace a little bit this year.

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8. Google Fit – An awesome way to connect all your fitness apps in one place, from any device. Google Fit makes sure that no matter where you are, your efforts are being tracked and totaled.

9. 7-Minute Workout App – If you can’t seem to find any time throughout the day to work on your fitness goals, this app is a great way to optimize your time spent working out whenever you can find it.

10. Amwell – Amwell is a doctor scheduling app for those who lack either time or motivation to visit one. With services including Dietitians, Physicians and Therapists, this app conveniently helps you to make sure your body and mind are sound throughout the year.

11. Calorie Counter PRO (MyNetDiary) – To conveniently track your eating and work habits, stay on track, and stay motivated every day, MyNetDiary has proven itself to be one of the most effective tools.

12. Diet Assistant – Find successful pre-made dieting to re-vamp your eating behaviors and save time with the Diet Assistant. Plan shopping trips and avoid the confusion of complex health details with this handy guide.


13. Endomondo – Another App as well as website, Endomondo customizes your fitness tailored to your specific fitness hobbies that makes exercising inspiring and easy to do!

14. Fitness Buddy – Fitness Buddy comes pre-stocked with more workouts than you can shake a barbell at. With over 1,700 unique exercising moves, you can target specific muscles and areas of your body for growth and improvement.

15. Fitocracy – With a dynamically scaling fitness level system that will always have you reaching for higher goals to improve your body through exercise, as well as personal coaches that are only a $1.00/day, Fitocracy is an all-compassing app that helps you to find everything you need for fitness in one place.

16. Instant Heart Rate – If you’re looking for an accurate measurement of your heart rate for heath or exercise purposes, there’s no better app.

17. RunKeeper – If you’ve been looking for an app to track your routes, pacing, and a killer music integration system, you’ve been looking for RunKeeper. Share with your friends, challenge yourself, and even earn free rewards from footwear companies.

18. Daily Burn – Daily Burn incorporates just about every method of workout under the sun, all for a singular price tag. If you find yourself wanting to try a variety of different workout styles, you won’t need to sweat it outside of your practice.

19. FitBit – FitBit not only has the programs to help you lose weight, but the tech to help you look good and stay on track while you do it. With some of the best Fitness technology on the market, you’ll never lose a minute in giving yourself the most accurate information about your health.



20. Weight Watcher Mobile – WeightWatchers is undoubtedly one of the most refined and flexible dieting solutions available today. With the app, you can track what you eat, when you eat it, on the go, in an easy to understand an genius point system.

21. Sworkit – A great app for creating a personalized workout just for you. Sworkit blends an interesting combination of Strength, Cardio, Yoga, and Stretching all in an awesome workout experience you set the time for yourself.

22. Noom Coach – Starting up can be a real challenge, especially if you’ve been out of a workout routine for a while. Noom helps keep you updated and guides you every step of the way into getting back into a healthy lifestyle.

23. EaTipster – An awesome every day app to help push your eating decisions in the right direction. These prompts will help you make your healthy living goals a reality, one step at a time.

24. ipiit – An excellent grocery shopping tool, taking ipiit along with you on your trips to the store will help you quickly and accurately scan foods to see how they can fit best into your diet.

25. SparkPeople –  A huge, community-centric and driven group of weight loss enthusiasts, sometimes having a human helping hand can be all you need to get and stay on the right track. SparkPeople also has a wide array of weight loss tools available through their website.