25 Beauty Recipes For The Ultimate Pampering Session

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Treat your hair to some much needed pampering with these DIY natural shampoos, conditioners, hair rinses, hair masks and more!

Homemade Hair Rinse For A Dry, Itchy Scalp – Have you noticed that your scalp feels itchy? Perhaps you need to change your hair care routine and this soothing fennel tonic is a great place to start!

Restorative Hair Mask For Frizzy, Damaged Hair – Perming, bleaching, straightening…they may help us look our best but they can all have a negative affect on our hair! This hair mask is here to help restore your tresses to their former glory!

25 Beauty Recipes For The Ultimate Pampering SessionHomemade Shampoo With Essential Oils – Packed full of hair nourishing oils, this homemade shampoo will help to moisturize and refresh hair that is bored of store bought, chemical laden products!

Coconut & Lavender Conditioner – Give your hair the shine that it deserves and be the envy of all your friends…they’ll think you’ve walked straight out of a salon!

Make Your Own Protein Hair Mask – With this protein mask, you’re just three ingredients away from a head of voluminous and luscious hair!

Mega Moisture Mask – This avocado moisture mask will bring your locks back to life with plenty of shine to spare!

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