23 Astonishingly Easy Woodworking Project for Beginners

23 Astonishingly Easy Woodworking Project for Beginners

Have you considered picking up woodworking? No? Now might be the time to consider it! There are so many things that you can make for a fraction of the price you can buy them for, not to mention you can customize everything you make. Woodwork projects also make great gifts and you can tell everyone that you made it by hand! What is better than that?

This list has some great beginner projects to spark your inspiration; from the simple to the more elaborate. Does building furniture interest you more than making boxes? We found some projects for you that are easy to follow along with and learn the basics that you need to move on to more challenging projects. We hope that this list inspires your next project!



Rainbow Wood Magnetic Knife Strip – If you have some wood scraps laying around, this project is even easier! If not, then pick up some small piece of nice wood from a supply store and create this simple and beautiful knife rack for yourself.



$10 Photo Ledges – Gallery ledges are a stylish and simple way to display framed photos and art without all the hassle of arranging and hanging them. One of these 8 foot ledges ends up costing about $10 too!



Phi Wall Art – Some basic cutting and assembly is all you need to complete this eye-catching piece. Even better, it will make you look smart and science-y when you can tell your guests that it represents the golden ratio!



Murphy Desk – This neat little desk tucks away to make more room when you need it, but it is also super easy to build! Follow this detailed tutorial to create it today.



Cubby Shelf – Great for displaying jewelry or small collectibles, this little hanging shelf is reminiscent of the letter trays that are so highly sought after these days!




Sofa Sleeve with Cup Holder – The story behind this idea is one that could speak to many people; while curling up to enjoy a good book, it’s better to have your coffee easily at hand to partake of. It’s definitely not laziness that allows for the coffee to get cold on the coffee table that is just too far away. Follow this how-to to make your own!



Hanging Garden – Do you want to enjoy fresh herbs and the greenery of plants in your home but don’t know where to put all of them? This might be the project for you then! Hang them up on the wall and always have them at hand.



Simple Boxes – Boxes are a great woodworking starter project! They teach you many of the basics of woodworking and you get a functional final product.



Beauty Storage – Makeup and beauty tools can be a constant bane to bathroom organization, but this storage board could be the solution! This tutorial breaks the process down into simple step-by-step instructions.



Wooden Arrows – If you are looking for a quick and easy project, this one is the perfect place to start. These simple wooden arrows make for striking wall art and you can say you made them yourself!



Rolling Cart – These rolling carts are great, but often pricey. This project creates one (with a removable tray) for around $20! You can even customize the finish to fit your decor instead of hunting high and low for that perfect cart.



Factory Cart Coffee Table – We have all seen (and probably envied) those gorgeous industrial coffee tables like this one, but the price is generally just out of range. Now you can make one of your own that looks just as cool as the store bought ones!



Address Wall Planter – Create is adorable address plaque and wall planter for your front door as an easy project! Find some great numbers or even hand paint your own on there to customize the piece even more.



$5 iPad Dock/Stand – It is amazing what people can make out of a single piece of wood! This project will cost you the price of wood, so it all depends on what type you use. There’s no denying that this simple project will prove very useful, it’ll even make a great gift for the tech lover in your life!



Wine Plank – What a great way to display your wine, and all you need is a wood plank! Find a piece with a nice natural finish, like they did here, or stain it to match the look of your home. Of course, you’ll need some wine to fill it then.


wooden doormat

Wooden Door Mat – This wooden door mat is simple to assemble and is a great way to dress up your front door — or any door! Stain it or leave it natural to get that nice weathered look.



Wooden Book Ends – These simple wooden bookends have just the right amount of rugged industrial touch to look interesting against some books without looking like you hacked up a block of wood.



Plant Hanger – Bring some Mid-century style to your home with this striking plant hanger! You also get the added bonus of claiming that you made it yourself when all your guests asks where you got it from.



Industrial Pipe Table – Add a bit of the rustic, industrial look to your home with this super easy table tutorial! The instructions are easy to follow and very clear, making this a great beginner project.



Curvy Side Table – Build this fancy wooden side table for your home and impress everyone with your woodworking skills! They won’t even know that you are only a novice!



Wooden Wardrobe – Similar wardrobes to this one can cost a pretty penny, but building it yourself will be a fraction of the cost! Follow this great tutorial to build yourself a functional storage space.



Jelly Bean Dispenser – This is a fun project for kids to help with, and they will love the reward! Build the “awesomest jelly bean dispenser” for your family to enjoy!



Office Supply Tray – Custom build yourself a drawer divider to keep all of those pesky office supplies neat and orderly! This is a great starting point for creating dividers for all of your drawers.