21 Creative & Unusual Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas That Will Delight Your Friends

21 Creative & Unusual Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas That Will Delight Your Friends

Are you looking for alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree due to any number of reasons? Maybe you have limited space due to a tiny apartment or you want to set something up in the office? Maybe you just don’t want to mess of a real Christmas tree (all those needles!) and you want to try something different this year.

Whatever the case may be, here are some of the most creative, ingenious, and stylish alternative Christmas trees that we found on the internet for this holiday season!


book tree

Book Tree – For the book lovers, this simple but ascetically pleasing book tree is a great addition to a desk, office, or library setting, have some fun with the decorating and add lights or colors to spice it up!


newspaper tree

Newspaper Tree – This gorgeous newspaper tree is super easy to make, creates no mess, and is surprisingly stunning to look at. Follow the tutorial to create this lovely tree!


wall decor

Wall Decor – This is a great way to display any fun ornaments or knick knacks that you’ve picked up over the years. It’s an especially good idea if you have very limited space for a large tree but have plenty of wall space to utilize.


dot tree

Foil Dot Tree – If you are looking for something more minimal and modern looking, this might just be the tree for you. The materials are simple and the assembly is pretty easy to follow!


ornament tree

Hanging Ornament Tree – You may have seen displays like this at stores or in magazines during the holiday season; well now you can have on in your own house! These directions are very clear and there are plenty of variations that you can get inspiration from.


paper sketch tree

Craft Paper Sketch Tree – If you are artsy, you may want to try your hand at sketching out a tree on craft paper or something similar for a creative twist. You can even hang ornaments and other decorations on it.


scandinavian chalk tree

Scandinavian Inspired Chalk Tree – This gorgeous chalkboard tree has some Scandinavian flair and looks absolutely stunning. Customize it with images that hold meaning for your family if you want something more personal.



Ladder Tree – Ladders have become a popular alternative to Christmas trees. They can be painted, wrapped, decorated, anything your heart desires! Pick a theme and go to town on this sturdy alternative.


paper cup tree

Paper Cup Tree – For coffee addicts, this “tree” made entirely of paper coffee cups would be a challenge to put together but the outcome seems well worth it!


light tree

Christmas Light Tree – This is a great option for indoors and outdoors! The instructions are easy to follow to construct this striking and colorful tree.


cardboard tree

3D Cardboard Tree – How great is this for a temporary christmas tree in a classroom or office? It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, making it super easy to move around and put away when not in use.


pvc tree

PVC Pipe Tree – Use different size PVC pipes, cut down to size to make this stunning tree design. Decorate it with ornaments, figurines, or anything else you want to personalize it!


palette tree

Painted Palette Tree – If you’re a fan of that rustic/shabby chic looks, this painted palette tree is for you! The white Christmas tree on the stained wood of the palette is a great touch and allows the colorful ornaments to be hung and pop against the white.


card tree

Holiday Card Tree – Display your holiday cards with this creative method so that you can properly enjoy them all season instead of tucking them away and forgetting about them.



Washi Tape Tree – If you’re just looking for something small and festive, try creating a Christmas tree out of washi tape! You can use any color of pattern and be as detailed or minimal as you see fit!



Tulle Tree – Create a beautiful, soft tree with this tulle tutorial! This shows you how to make a little tree but you you were feeling adventurous you could adjust this to make a full size tree to decorate.



Modern Cardboard Tree – Cut out a cardboard tree and paint, draw, and decorate it however you see fit. When you have quests over ask them to add something to your tree to give the project more meaning!


dowel tree

Minimalist Dowel Tree – This simple dowel tree is a great addition to a modern home and even features a great color scheme! It would be really easy to assemble too.

Branch Tree

Painted Branches – For a simple but striking tree replacement, find some bare branches outside and paint them a bright color to use as a tree! Decorate them with fun vintage ornaments for a retro touch like the one above.


maganize tree

Magazine Tree – If you have bunch of magazines or books and a couple of bookshelves that aren’t overflowing with books, perhaps this simple but effective tree is the way to go!


sheet music tree

Sheet Music Trees – Music lovers will enjoy this one! Though a bit time consuming the steps are simple and the end result is absolutely gorgeous!