21 DIY Christmas Wreaths Filled With Holiday Cheer

21 DIY Christmas Wreaths Filled With Holiday Cheer

It’s time to start thinking about the holidays! Especially if you are planning on going crafty and making your own gifts and decor. What better way to kick off the holiday craft season than with a charming wreath to hang around your house?

If you can’t decide where to start or what you want to do, try taking a glance at this list for some fun inspiration! We have found some of the best wreaths for the season to fit all different styles of decor. From natural to the more traditional, from glitzy to simple, there’s a bit of everything here for you to enjoy!



Frosted Lit Wreath – Frosted ornaments help achieve the soft glow of this beautiful wreath. The tutorial is really easy to follow and soon you too could have a lovely wreath adorning your home this holiday season!


White Pine Cone Wreath – If you have pinecones around your house, or in your neighborhood, this project is super cheap and easy! Get your hands on a grapevine wreath for the base, a bit of glue, and some spray paint and you’re golden.


Yarn Pom Wreath – Making yarn poms is so fun and easy that you could have your kids help with this one to shorten the amount of time it takes to assemble this charming wreath!


Embellished Burlap Wreath – If you enjoy the shabby chic touch, then this wreath it a beautiful choice for your holiday decor! The embellishment can be designed to fit your tastes but the wreath is easy to put together and  looks great.


Painted Cork Wreath – Glue, paint, and corks will help you achieve this simple but striking wreath. If a snowflake isn’t your style, you can shape this to whatever suits your fancy!


Gum Drop Wreath – Oh my goodness, this is cute! Gumdrops make the perfect display of color while also adding dimension to the wreath.



Book Page Wreath – This stunning wreath uses book pages to create the ruffled look. The how-to is simple, but it will be a time consuming —but fun— project!


ornament ball wreath 2

Ornament Wreath – You see these wreaths all over during the holiday, but did you know that they are actually really easy to make? This is a great tutorial to follow along with.



Coffee Filter & Ornament Wreath – Coffee filter flowers can be found all over the internet, but they fill out this wreath design beautifully for a gorgeous white theme.



Framed Wreath – Think outside the traditional wreath, and opt for a fancy painted frame for fit your holiday decor! This one is great inspiration for your own project.



Layered Felt Wreath – This felt wreath will add a charming retro touch to any decor. Substitute colors that fit your tastes for a lovely wreath!



Orange Wreath – Go all out and try your hand at a dried citrus wreath for a look that is striking and smells amazing! The drying process takes a while (if you’re using an oven) but the end product is well worth the time.



Santa Belt Wreath – This cute santa wreath is super easy to make and requires very few materials. Substitute gold or yellow for the belt buckle if you want and decide if you want the beard or not to make it your own!



PVC Wreath – For a more modern take on the holiday wreath, consider this project. Cut PVC pipes make the base and can easily be painted in whatever color you want to match your ornaments or other decorations that you decide to put inside.



Paper Dahlia Wreath – This paper dahlia wreath is stunning and so easy! Change the colors to fit a holiday theme and add glitter and embellishments to dress it up a bit!



Paper Tube Wreath – Everyone has seen those toilet paper tube projects, but have you seen that concept turned into a wreath? We hadn’t either, but with a bit of embellishment, this could be an adorable holiday decoration.


Marshmallow Wreath – Winter should also be known as marshmallow season, right? Support this idea with this darling wreath made entirely of marshmallows! Instead of skewers, try attaching a few stick of cinnamon or some candy canes.


Candy Stripe Ribbon Wreath – Who knew that such a simple project could be so lovely? The process is really easy and the materials are pretty minimal.


Scarf-Wrapped Wreath – Make use of an extra holiday scarf by turning it into a charming holiday wreath! How cute!



Lumberjack Plaid Antler Wreath – Let’s be honest, we chose this wreath mostly for the name, but the project itself is super adorable and has the perfect seasonal theme!



Snowman Wreath – We found several different versions of this wreath style, some of them were painted white, some had many different embellishments, but that’s what’s nice about this project. You can make it fit whatever style you want to!