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20 Gorgeous Garden Bed Edging Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Weeding a garden can be tough work, and keeping a defined edge to your flowerbeds can be even tougher. Even with weekly mowing, continually needing to weed your garden edging can be tiring and simply not effective. Here’s a couple of beautiful and creative ideas to keep grass and weeds out, and your vegetables and… [read more]

10 Out Of This World DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits are a great way to introduce light and warmth into your garden at night. Who wouldn’t love to sit back and relax by the crackle and glow of a beautiful fire pit? Instead of paying a fortune on a store bought one though, simply follow one of these fantastic DIYs in our collection… [read more]

23 Incredibly Easy But Fabulous DIY Hairstyle Ideas

Sure, it certainly is preferable to sit down in a salon and let your hair-woes be handled by the professionals. But, with the high cost and lack of time, devoting a couple hours to your new hairdo just might have to wait. So, you do it yourself, enough to get by until your next hair… [read more]

20 DIY Planters You Need In Your Garden This Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and with Spring, comes gardening! If you’re excited to start growing your garden as soon as we are, here a couple of great ideas to get the jump on creative and colorful planting this year. 1. Old Tires If you’re looking for bright and colorful inspired planters this year,… [read more]

15 Effortless Ways To Add Value To Your Home

For many of us, our homes are our greatest investment. So, it’s wise to put a little attention toward your dwelling’s upkeep, taking note of issues before they become pressing concerns. Beyond that, the range is wide open – the only thing keeping you back is the size of your wallet or your imagination. Get… [read more]

14 Unbelievably Epic Things To Do In Your Garden To Be The Envy Of All Your Neighbors

The summer is the perfect time to be outside and enjoy the weather and have fun in your garden. Here we have collected some inspiring ways to help you do just that! Not only are these ideas unique and easy to do yourself, they will make your neighbors extremely jealous! From DIY hay bail swimming… [read more]