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20 DIY Rugs Anyone Can Make To Upgrade Your Home

Alright, let’s start with the honest truth…Rugs are expensive – fact! There’s no way to get around that but rugs are so pretty and useful! Here’s our solution: Make your own rug! You’ll avoid the process of trying to find that perfect shade of [insert color here] to match your design or trying to find the right… [read more]

21 Easy, Fun & Spooky DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching! Decorations line the aisles of craft stores by the dozens. But why settle for generic decorations when you can let out your creative and creepy side to create some amazing and fun displays of weirdness? We enjoy Halloween decor as much as any other person. We also like crafty DIY projects. Why not… [read more]

20 Mind Boggling Science Experiments That Will Amaze Your Kids

While the kids are still out for summer, now is a great time to pique their curiosity and prime them to head back to school and start learning again! Introduce them to new concepts, or review the previous year’s curriculum with new experiments before they begin learning new scientific concepts. The best way to ensure… [read more]

18 Incredible Ways To Turn An Old Mirror From Boring To Stunning!

  Mirrors are a common find at flea markets and antique shops, and you can also find new ones at dollar stores. The trick is to find these beat-up, old, weathered, or tacky mirrors and transform them into something that you’ll be proud to have in your home. Mirrors come in a variety of sizes,… [read more]

20 Fun & Frugal Garden Art Ideas You’ll Be Desperate To Try

Having a gorgeous garden doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can add all sorts of fun art and projects to your garden for as little as one dollar! Our list is complete with gorgeous art projects you can do yourself. Each project can be done with objects you either already have at home,… [read more]

12 Creative DIY Headboards You’ll Love

Without a headboard, your bed probably seems like it just sort of ends at the wall. To avoid this anti-climactic bed conundrum, you’ll want to invest in a headboard. A quick search through the internet will show you that headboards can get really pricey, particularly the upholstered ones. If all you need is that headboard,… [read more]

23 Mind Blowing Ways To Upcycle Old Pickle Jars

  Pickle and olive jars are a bit of a must around the house. Whether you have little ones who adore them, or you love a good burger for dinner, odds are you’ve had quite a few in your home. Many different jars are similar to the pickle jar. Banana peppers, olives, salsa and all… [read more]

15 Remarkably Clever Things To Help Organize Your Whole Life

If you need to inject a little bit of organization into life, then here are 15 products that will help you makes those steps to a clutter free organized home! From handbag organizers to tool storage this list has a great collection of things that will help make your mission to a tidy home a reality!… [read more]

Take A Tour Of 10 Of The Most Innovative & Beautiful Tiny Homes You’ll Ever See

Tiny houses are really popular right now. Whether it’s your mission to live off the grid, travel around the country or simply build you own humble abode, there are tonns of options and styles you could choose from. We have collected our most favorite tiny house projects which all offer something different! From ingenious room… [read more]

10 Weird But Amazing DIY Flooring Tutorials

Creating a unique floor can really transform a room, but buying the materials and getting a professional in to lay it can get expensive! So why not have a go yourself! You can cut the labor costs and even use recycled materials like bottle caps and old newspapers! All of these ideas are unique and… [read more]