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18 Easy & Stunning Dollar Store Crafts You Have To Do!

Why does crafting have to be so expensive? If you’re like many other Pinterest-scouring crafters, you’ve probably run into crafts that insist that you’ll have everything already in your home, only to end up needing to make a $50 run to Michael’s for supplies in the middle. We’ve rounded up 18 fantastic crafts that you… [read more]

22 Sewing Projects Even The Biggest Novice Can Do!

So you want to start sewing? Whether it’s for a hobby, or you’re in desperate need for some cute clothes, we’ve got you covered. In the beginning, it can be difficult to find anything in your range. You might be wondering how you’ll ever be able to complete the patterns you really want to do.… [read more]

How To Build A Natural Swimming Pool

Building a traditional swimming pool in your back yard is a huge undertaking…from the space you need to the cash it requires not to mention the running costs! However if you choose to build a natural swimming pool in your garden, the financial cost is a fraction of what a traditional one would cost, the… [read more]

21 Epic Recipes For The Most Delicious Camping Trip Ever

Cooking outside in the wilderness is part of the appeal of camping! Cooking over a fire is rustic, fun and really quite magical! To make your next camping trip the best one ever, try some of these incredibly epic recipes! From sweet treats and breakfast ideas to filling dinners and easy lunches, this collection has it… [read more]

25 Gorgeous Things Made From Common Thrift Store Finds

We love to decorate! It’s some of our favorite DIY projects, in fact. However, decorating and doing crafts is quickly becoming expensive. Don’t find yourself heading into the hole because you just love crafting! We have created a list of amazing and crafty projects for you to do without breaking the bank. Each project can be done… [read more]

20 Flavor Packed Infused Water Recipes To Help You Hydrate

Forget those sickly sweet soda’s and quench your thirst with one of these incredible water infusions instead. With endless combinations and delicious pairings, water infusions are a great way to stay hydrated with incredible flavors! What are you waiting for? Water infusions are easy to make and great for those long hot summer days, you could… [read more]

7 Foolproof Ways to Keep Flies Out Of Your Home & Garden

I waste hours of my life chasing after flies. First I try to usher them out of an open window, but when that fails, I normally have to resort to the fly swatter. Wouldn’t it be better if we could just stop flies from entering our home and invading our gardens in the first place?… [read more]

20 Hacks That Will Make Your Next BBQ The Best Ever!

Now that Summer is here, everyone will be heading outside for BBQ’s. This is why we wanted to gather all of our favorite BBQ hacks which will make your Grill sessions much easier, tastier and totally epic! From how to keep your condiments chilled and pest free to cooking corn on the cob in an… [read more]

What This Lady Created With A Few Glass Gems & Some Concrete Is Simply Stunning!

With only a few glass gems, a plastic mold and some rapid set cement, anyone can make these beautiful beach inspired coasters. All you have to do is follow this detailed video tutorial for all the steps! Choosing what colored glass gems you would like along with a pattern allows you to get really creative!… [read more]

21 Ways To Cover Up Those Hard-To-Hide Household Eyesores

We all have things in our home that we need, but they aren’t pretty. Whether it’s hardware, technology, or just the plain old outlets in the wall, they can be unsightly. While it’s easy to push a dresser in front of an ugly vent, it’s not always that simple. We’ve compiled a list of ways to… [read more]