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16 Clever Upgrades To Add Value To Your Home

If you’re enchanted with expensive details but don’t have the cash to shell out for all of them, you might want to get started with DIY projects. You can easily transform a builder’s grade or out-dated home into a show-home that looks way more expensive than it was. We’ve assembled some of the best and… [read more]

10 Gorgeous Outdoor Projects Using Concrete Blocks

Whether you’ve got a lot of concrete and cinder blocks sitting around, or you’re just looking for a quick and cheap DIY project, this article has some great tutorials for you. Each item is personalized to you. If you’re trying to add some flare to your porch, patio, or garden, you’ll be surprised what you… [read more]

10 Simply Stunning Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights All Year Round

Fairy lights are very popular nowadays. Not only are they inexpensive, but they’re absolutely adorable! If you’re finding yourself looped into the trends of fairy lights, you might be wondering where you should start. There are so many different things you can do with these lights– all year round! We’ve compiled a list of some… [read more]

13 Money Saving Gardening Hacks You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Already Knowing

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive. Many of the tools, pesticides and fertilizers you might think you need to buy at a greenhouse or garden store you can actually make on your own, without buying anything you aren’t already! The “hacks” we’ve gathered are designed to help you make the most of things you already… [read more]

7 Ways To Repel Mosquitoes That ACTUALLY Work

Mosquitoes are one of summers only downsides. They invade homes and gardens and leave behind unsightly bites that itch and annoy and that can’t be scratched. There are lots of mosquito repelling “gimmicks” that have been discredited, but there are also lots of ways to repel mosquitoes that really work and this article is all about… [read more]

15 Fun Crafts & Projects For The Fourth of July

Summer is here, and Independence Day is creeping around the corner. With the blue skies, and the sun glittering down, you’re more than likely planning an outside party for The Fourth of July. There are a lot of different things to plan when hosting a get together for the holidays. Luckily, we’ve made some of… [read more]

11 Amazing Things You Can Make With Pennies

Pennies are a funny coin. They’re not worth much, so we don’t like to keep them in our wallets or change purses. But they’re still worth something, so we hang on to them. For many of us, it’s a pain to roll them and take them to the bank. They get heavy! Perhaps you’ve seen… [read more]

12 Of The Internet’s Best Projects For Upcycling Old Glass Jars & Bottles

Do you have old wine bottles or other glass containers hanging out in your home? It can be pretty difficult to let uniquely shaped bottles go into the recycle bin, so you might have quite a stockpile of them that’s growing by the week. There are lots of ways you can create beautiful handmade crafts… [read more]

14 Easy Crafts Anyone Can Make & Sell For Profit

Looking to put your skills to the test and make some money on the side? While you might not be able to quit your day job right away, selling your handmade crafts can become a lucrative business. You just have to find your niche and make a product that your customers can’t get enough of!… [read more]

15 DIY Projects & Hacks To Help You Become A Camping Superstar!

The weather is getting nice! And with all this beautiful weather rolling in, that means it’s time to break out the tents– or RVs if that’s your style. While camping seems like a pretty simple task, you can find yourself wondering if there is an easier way. You need to plan out a lot more… [read more]