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10 Epic Hacks For The World’s Most Successful Vegetable Garden

Growing a successful  vegetable garden even for the pro gardener is a tricky thing to master! From choosing how and when to grow what, to harvesting plants and keeping them thriving, getting it right can be a long tough, journey! To help you get the most out of your vegetable garden, take a look at this… [read more]

The 16 Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

If your kids tend to get bored easily, then these super fun activities are perfect to keep them occupied for hours! They are unique, totally cool and require only a handful of materials, most of them you are likely to have lying around the house already, so you and your kids can start having fun… [read more]

21 Breathtaking Vintage Decor Ideas To Add Charm To Your Home

Vintage decor is fast becoming one of the most popular themes for styling your home. From shabby chic candle holders and Parisian styled clocks, anything that looks vintage has a unique charm about it. Here we have compiled a list of our favorite vintage pieces available to buy on Amazon. We particularly love the vintage… [read more]

You’ll Never Guess Why This Guy Is Pouring A Blue Liquid On A Diaper. Trying This!

Diapers are brilliant at absorbing liquid (which probably isn’t surprising, considering what they were invented for), but what is surprising is just how many ways you can use the absorbent crystals inside. One of these things is making DIY ice gel packs, perfect for when you need an instant cheap ice pack! Another great way to… [read more]

How To Make An Emergency USB Charger – Never Run Out Of Phone Battery Again!

Running out of battery on your phone seems to happen at really unfortunate times. Not only is it really frustrating it can be stressful too, especially if you don’t have access to a power supply and need to use your phone! Instead of trying to find a power source all of the time, why not… [read more]

You’ll Never Throw Light Bulbs Away Again After You See What You Can Make With Them

Once you have seen this video, you will never throw out old light bulbs again. With a few super simple instructions and steps, anyone can make a beautiful DIY vase perfect for any decor! It’s quirky, unique and oozes style, so what are you waiting for? You will need the following materials: A pair of… [read more]

24 Heartfelt Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day is a great excuse for a crafty session because everyone loves receiving something homemade and heartfelt. We’ve handpicked these 24 projects which range from edible treats to gift wrap ideas and luxurious pamper products so you can spoil that special person in your life. A box of these bon-bon salt scrubs will be… [read more]

How To Transfer A Photo Onto Wood

Nowadays, we take tons of photos on our smart phones but rarely do we actually use them or print them off as real photos! All those memories are just stored away on computers and virtual folders…why not change that and celebrate those captured moments by using your favorite snaps for this super simple DIY? Transferring… [read more]

21 Brilliant Products That Make Eating More Fun

Ever fancied a novelty pizza cutter? Perhaps you want to invest in a timer that sings to you when your pasta is done? Well you’ve come to the right place because this collection of 21 brilliant products has something for everyone. These items may not be essential to eating but they sure can make the process easier…not… [read more]