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16 Amazing One-Day Garden Projects Anyone Can Do

Ever found yourself with a day off and you’ve got nothing to do? Perhaps you want to make the most of your weekend and dedicate a day to DIY? Well, it’s time to break out the tools and get started on these amazing garden projects. Perfect for any level of crafter, these DIY’s are all… [read more]

10 Things To Do In Your Garden In August

August is most definitely the time of year to enjoy your garden…but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. There are still plenty of jobs that you should be doing. There’s no need for toxic chemicals in your yard either, these ideas are ideal for the natural organic garden, the homesteader or even the hobbyist.… [read more]

16 Most Spectacular Real Life Porch Makeovers

Whether or not your porch is tired and old and needs just a little TLC, or is in need of a complete transformation, this wonderful collection is a celebration of peoples hard work, frugality and determination, and will hopefully give you the inspiration to make-over your porch this year. Included in this blog post are sixteen… [read more]

15 Ways To Turn Trash Into The Most Extraordinary Things You’d Never Imagine

Bloggers around the world are blessed with the creativity to turn trash or old junk into something beautiful. On this page we share fifteen of the world’s best “trash to treasure” transformations. From old pickle jars, used tin cans, empty wine bottles and much more – there is a way to transform it into something beautiful. Stunning… [read more]

19 Clever Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Whenever Summer is mentioned we almost always think of family BBQ’s in the garden, lounging by a pool or on a beach somewhere, tasty iced drinks…the list goes on! As fun as the sun can be, surviving through the heat is not always easy but with this collection of ideas you can cool off in… [read more]