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297 Delicious Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Claim back your evenings and enjoy just relaxing after work with these 297 make-ahead freezer recipes. Now you can fill up your freezer with these mouth wateringly delicious meals which contain no added preservatives or nasty ingredients. With everything here from chicken meals to Paleo you’ll find plenty to keep your family well fed and your… [read more]

20 Earth-Friendly Ways To Recycle Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are an eco-enemy, so rather than leaving them for hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill site why not make the most out of them and get a little bit crafty? This collection of ideas offers 20 unique ways in which you can recycle those pesky plastic bags. Transform them into napkin… [read more]

524 Amazing Ways To Reuse Things You’d Normally Throw Away

Stop! Before you head to the garbage bin with things you want to throw away, consider whether there’s anything more you can do with your old stuff! From coffee grounds to egg cartons and old t-shirts, this fantastic collection offers many creative ideas on how you can reuse everyday items around your home. 20 Clever Ways… [read more]

23 Of The Most Fun DIY Projects Ever

DIY doesn’t get better than this! These fun and practical builds will impress and inspire…the only thing you have to worry about is which one to make first! A pizza oven? A lava lamp? A bean bag chair? This collection has got something for everyone! Build Your Own Pizza Oven For $20 – That’s right, with… [read more]

12 Unique Garden Potting Table Ideas

All you green-fingered gardeners out there will love these unique potting table ideas! No more scavenging around for tools in the dark corners of your garage…no more fumbling in the shed looking for seeds! Once you’ve discovered the convenience of having a dedicated potting bench for all your garden chores, you will never look back!… [read more]

22 Gorgeous DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Spoil the person that loves you most this Mother’s Day (or any time of year for that matter!) with these fantastic DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that every mom will love. You don’t need to be an expert crafter to spoil you mom this year! These simple ideas are all super easy to make and… [read more]

15 Artistic Ways To Up-Cycle Teacups

Those beautiful teacups aren’t just for sipping your favorite brew out of anymore! Oh no, there’s a whole world of creative projects available so why not try up-cycling your teacups into something new? A clock, a pin cushion, a cake stand…you name it and this list has got it! Time to get artistic! How To Make… [read more]

22 Unbelievably Clever Gardening Cheats

Everyone loves a good cheat and this article reveals 22 of the best for achieving a beautiful, productive garden with the minimum of effort. We reveal a clever trick to get the sweetest tomatoes ever, a simple idea to achieve the most beautiful blooming roses possible, a number of cheats to get free gardening supplies… [read more]

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas

Check out these amazing container projects that will inject life and style into your garden! It doesn’t matter whether you have an abundance of space or you have very little, because this collection has got something to suit everyone! Once you learn how to convert recycled items from around your home into useful containers, your… [read more]

9 Amazing Rain Chain Ideas

Rain chains are a fun and attractive way to create movement in the garden, directing water in a stylish motion! Not only do they create an eye-catching feature but they’re functional too, creating an alternative to gutters and down spouts! With just a few materials and a little bit of DIY you can easily make your own… [read more]