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19 Ingenious Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Instead of throwing out your plastic bottles, why not re-purpose them into one of these fun and creative projects! Whether you want to make your own ottoman, build a greenhouse or simply use the bottles as extra food storage, this list has got it all! They’re all cheap and easy to do, and you won’t… [read more]

14 Creative Uses For Old Wine Barrels

Old wine barrels may not seem like they would be a stylish addition to your home but don’t be fooled! With a little bit of creativity and these 14 inspirational ideas, you can transform an old barrel into a variety of beautiful home projects. This list has got everything from outdoor planters, to umbrella stands… [read more]

13 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses

Growing your own fruits and vegetables year round has never been easier and with this list of easy DIY greenhouses there’s no excuse for you not to build your own and increase your growing season. With projects starting at just $20 these affordable builds will help you grow your own food, saving you money and… [read more]

17 Soothing Soap Recipes

The best way to enjoy bath time is to make it relaxing and slow, and these homemade soothing soap recipes will help to do just that! Traditional soaps contain lots of harmful chemicals and ingredients that are really bad for our health and our skin, so why not make your own? These recipes are all… [read more]

19 Stunning Home Decor Ideas

If you’re after some inspiration for decorating your home then look no further! Whether you want to completely re-design a room or just add a few artistic accents, this list has got it all! Don’t worry if you’re strapped for cash or if you’re experience with DIY is minimal, there are various projects here that… [read more]