20 Stylish Ways To Display Your Cherished Memories

20 Stylish Ways To Display Your Cherished Memories

Everyone loves to display photos throughout their home, but many of us do it the same way: A photo in a frame. If you’re like us, you’ve probably thought to yourself more than once, “Is there a more creative and exciting way I could be doing this?”

If you’re looking for new ways to change up your old photos, here are couple ideas to try to keep your photographs new and exciting.


Photo Coasters – If you want to add a little flavor to a coffee table or an end table, these make a great way to bring some life to an otherwise plain surface. Functional and beautiful, everyone is sure to love them.



Clock – If you struggle to sometimes make it though your day-to-day, this clock gives you something a little special to look at every 15 minutes.

Family Tree
Family Tree Frame – A lovely idea for a large family, this photo format is a cute way of showing off the entire family to everyone who walks through your door.

Photo Box

Photo Box – If you’ve too many pictures to keep in frames, try this adorable pop-out style wooden box. The accordion fold is space friendly and very portable.


Lampshade – If you’ve though of what to do with all the white space in your house, you’ve probably looked at your lampshades once or twice. If you want to shine a light on some smiling faces, give this shade a look.

Circle Punch Photo Collage

Circle Punch Photo Collage – A great way of gathering a large family all together or your child as they grow in one frame is this adorable photo collage.

Heart Collage

Heart Collage – Wondering what to do with all those Photo Polaroids you took with your friends? A Heart Collage is a great way to make a lot of photos into a great memory.

Phone Case

Phone Case – If you want to look at your favorite faces and places everywhere you go, and you go everywhere with your phone, take a peek at this awesome personalized photo-back phone case.


Photo Balls

Photo Balls – If you prefer a little bit more of an open feel to your household photographs, these cute photo balls are simple to make and easy to do in a variety of colors.


Notecards – An awesomely creative pairing of utility and beauty: custom photo notecards. You’ll never forget to call your Mom when her face is on the note!

Photo Wreath

Photo Wreath – If you’re looking for a great all season ornament that’s a little outside of the box, you’ve been looking for this photo wreath. The best part? If you have extra-small frames around, its simple and low-cost.

Miniature Photo Pendants

Miniature Pendants – If you love jewelry as much as you love photography, you can carry around these itty-bitty photo pendants to view and wear.


Miniature Calendars

Miniature Calendars – A wonderful gift to give is a personalized calendar for the New Year. Include photos of family and friends, and even add birthdays and anniversaries particular to the recipient!

Gift Coupons

Gift Cards – On the subject of giving: If you’re looking for a great way to give any special favors out, you can pass them along with personal photo gift cards.



Vase – Save space in your dining room, patio, or anywhere that you love a little color and fragrance! Who doesn’t like a few sweet flowers?




Vintage Lantern – Looking for the finishing touches to a cabin or a cozy room in your home? Lantern light and heartwarming memories make for the best paring of ambience.


Modern Wall Hanging

Modern Wall Hanging – Contemporary homes call for Modern styles. This sharp and clean hanging is sure to attract the attention of any guest, and a great way to display your extra photography prints.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table – Old surfaces don’t necessary need to re-buffed and re-finished. If you’d like to look at something more meaningful than wood grain, a coffee table photo collage is the way to go.

Photo Door

Photo Door – This project is an awesome way to add a rustic feel to any home hallway or foyer. It also doubles as a great way to hang your coats and hats!


Photo Pillow

Photo Pillow – Photo Pillows are a neat and inexpensive way to add some personal flavor to your home decor.