20 Outrageously Cute Christmas Nail Design Ideas You’ve Got Try

20 Outrageously Cute Christmas Nail Design Ideas You've Got Try

Show off those nails this holiday season with some  festive designs! They might be just the touch you need to finish off an outfit or celebrate the season.

From super detailed and fabulous to simple and low-key, we have a slew of designs for your enjoyment and inspiration! Winter wonderlands, snowmen, reindeer, even a santa minion — if you are feeling ambitious! Something here is sure to get you in the mood to try out a new holiday design!

Have fun!



Blue Winter Wonderland – Simple and striking, these winter wonderland nails would be easy to do with a small paintbrush or even just a toothpick.



Candy Cane French Tip – A fun twist on a French tip, the gold glitter background adds just the right amount of glitz and the candy canes just add fun!



Candy Cane Stripes – If you’re looking for something simple but striking, these candy cane stripes might be just what you’re looking for! Use this design on an accent nail or do them all for some candy stripe fun.


Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater – They may just be painted, but these nails look warm and cozy with this Christmas sweater pattern!



Christmas Glitter – Simple glitter is the way to go with this one! Pick your base color and grab some red and green glitter, if red and green aren’t for you silver and gold would be another great one!



Let It Snow – Blue polish and silver and white glitter completes this simple but gorgeous look. Dress it up with some little white snowflakes or leave it as is!



Light Bright – These fun nails use actual thread for the light wire instead of trying to draw a super thin clean line. If you have ever tried to do this you know just how much of a challenge this simple task can be!


christmas tree, colorama,flash

Black French Tip – Simple and gorgeous, this nails use layers of polish to create this stunning tree look! Try it out for yourself!



Nude Glitter – Understated but so pretty, these nails use a simple nude polish and a single line of gold glitter for a classy holiday look!



Penguins – These little penguins are so adorable! The tutorial for this one is great! Lots of pictures and step-by-step details on how to accomplish this look.



Plaid Nails – Plaid is so in right now, why not let your nails join in too? Once you master the red and green variations, other colors won’t be far behind!



Red Glitter Snowflakes -These simple nails will make quite the statement at your christmas party! Grab a toothpick or a little brush and get painting!



Reindeer – Rudolph will look great as an accent nail with this adorable design. Try and snowy background to dress them up even more!



Christmas Minion – This may look like an intimidating design, but don’t worry. We found a YouTube video that walks you through the entire process if you want to give this little guys a shot!



Santa Hat – These santa hats are so cute! They’re so easy to do too, which makes them an instant winner in our book! Add a thin coat of sparkle over the top from some extra glitz.



Simple Christmas Tree – We love how striking this simple tree is, and the design is so easy to achieve! Who knew that a little bit of tape was all that you need to get such pretty nails?



Glitter Snowflake – If a simple snowflake is more your style, give this combination of glitter and snowflakes a try. The large snowflake is quite pretty on the simple blue background!



Snowman – Take frosty with you where ever you go with this adorable winter manicure! The tutorial is in French but the images are clear enough to follow along without mishap.



Fairisle Sweater – Easily our favorite design, and one of the more challenging ones, this stunning look would look great in a bright color too!


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland – Another one of those designs that looks ridiculously difficult, but we have another video tutorial to go with this one and it’s really not as difficult as it may appear! There is a lot of detail work, but the results are gorgeous!