20 Out Of This World Rugs You Can Make Yourself

20 Out Of This World Rugs You Can Make Yourself

A room might be fully furnished, but it’s not complete until you add a rug! The decor of a room can be greatly influenced by the carpeting or hardwood floors, but by no means do you have to stop there. Browse through these rug options to find the right complement to your room.



1. Simple Rope Rug – This simple rope pattern can be excellent as a mono-themed rug for either your floor or a small end table. The material is also very sturdy for heavy traffic areas.


2. T-Shirt Yarn Rug – Don’t throw away your old t-shirts, upcycle them! This neat little pattern can be a great addition to your kitchen or dining room, and adds a great splash of color to an otherwise plain room.


3. Crochet Rug Pattern – This pattern is great for a warm and homey addition to any home. The big splash of wooly crocheted red makes a great focal point and friendly welcome to a room.


4. Dropcloth Rug – A patterned dropcloth rug can make all the difference of character in a room. Adding some design can give a distinctive flair and attention to the aesthetic to the room as a whole, even when you want to stay with muted colors.


5. Geometric Rug – Great for an office or desk space, this rug is visually pleasing without being too busy. Make your own favorite pattern into a rug surface with these step-by-step instructions.


6. Chevron Painted Rug – A cute a quaint pattern for a painted rug, using a inexpensive rug as a base and then mapping out a lovely scheme with basic materials.


7. Felt Rug – Although it might look intimidatingly difficult as a project to tackle yourself, the process of making your own felt run is actually quite simple, albeit meticulous.


8. Hallway Rope Rug – There are an extraordinary number of designs and colors you can make with a rope rug to bring some life to your hardwood floors. This design works especially well in hallways.



9. Rag Rug from Fabric Scraps – You might be a heavy crafter if you probably have tons of odd fabric scraps squirreled away for a “just-in-case” project. If you’re looking to clean out your stores, you don’t have to throw everything away!


10. Crochet Mandala Floor Rug – This Mandala Rug made from yarn is humble and quaint, and a great drawing room accent. If you’re looking for something that pairs well with an old-fashioned aesthetic and lace doilies, look no further.


11. Fluffy Shag Wool Rug – A great way to furnish a bedroom in a section on a hardwood floor without taking away from the room as a whole. A shag carpet is also great for a cold bedroom floor in the mornings as well!


12. Metallic Gold Zebra Rug – The ever famous animal print rug can be yours without the ridiculous price tags associated with them via this simple tutorial. Zebra print has never looked so good paired without black.


13. Table Cloth Rug – It can be tough finding just the right accent for a room, and sometime they come in unexpected forms! This is a great tutorial showing how to repurpose a tablecloth into a functional and decorative area rug.


14. Giant Tassel Fringe Rug – A little bit of tassel can go a long ways, especially when it comes to flooring. This modern design can add just a touch of classier appeal to your room.


15. Braided Doormat – For a great summer feel that is reminiscent of waterfront rope and docks, a braided doormat has just the right amount of flavor. This design is also very durable, and easy to clean!


16. Black and White Rag Rug – If you have a specific cloth pattern in mind for a rug, this design can help you create a large rug with just the right color palette. The whole process is actually rather inexpensive as well, using only clothesline and fabric. Who knew?


17. Floral Jute Mat – A more natural material for your rug can hold a whole different level of appeal for your home, especially in a rustic themed setting. Just find the type of surface texture you’d like, and presto!


18. Geometric Printed Rug – Scotch tape and acrylic paint can spruce up an otherwise dull bathroom to give it a polished and finished feeling.


19. Painted Kilim – If you’re looking for a slightly more advanced pattern to take on for your rug altering endeavor, check out this tutorial!


20. Aztec Dropcloth Rug – Another Dropcloth Rug interpretation, this rug is great for a durable and well patterned mudroom or foyer.