20 Life-Changing Ways To De-Clutter & Organize Your Closet

20 Life-Changing Ways To De-Clutter & Organize Your Closet

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a larger closet space to fit the huge number of shoes, shirts, pants, and other various things you find all to often in a heap on the floor? The dimensions of the closet itself might not be something you can change, but theres’ probably a whole lot more space than you suspect. The trick is finding it! Even just a few of these do-it-yourself closet hacks will have your space feeling brand new in no time, without your wallet feeling light!


1. Closet Organizer Kit – The easiest place to run completely out of control is your clothing closet, probably in your bedroom. This kit can help you de-clutter much of the space you’ve lost to poor storage tactics.


2. Shoe Rack – A little bit of PVC pipe can go a long ways! Without an entryway to store your shoes, they can really pile up. Try this stacking technique inside a closet to cut down on clutter.


3. Tie Rack – Finding a good place to hang your ties can be tough and hard to manage. This rack makes your ties visible, accessible, and avoids any creases or wrinkles!


4. Custom Shelving – If you’ve been looking for a cube-styled closet wall, look no further. This guide shows you how to build your own, with tons of individualized nooks!

kids closet kit -

5. Kids Closet Kit – Another space that always feels like a crowded mess: your child’s closet! This kit can help you divide up the space into easy-to-manages sections.

scarf hanger

6. Scarf Hanger – If you’re looking for an even easier solution to clothing management, grab a few shower curtain hoops and a hanger for a great scarf rack!


7. Scarf and Belt Sliding Rack – If you’ve ever found yourself digging to the back of your closet to get out an belt or an accessory, you could probably use this.


8. Hanging Office Bins – The best space-saving spots are the ones you haven’t even thought of yet! These baskets hang under any shelf and allow for easy removal and storage.


9. Hanging Tier Baskets – Great for a tall space or corner of your craft or extra room’s closet, these baskets stack nicely and openly for easy access.



10. Cleaning Supplies – Laundry Room closet nightmare? A repurposed shoe door hanger makes an excellent place to store anything from your bathroom cleaners to your shoe polish.


11. Paper Towel Hanger – Another household closet trick: using a vertical hanging shoe organizer for your toilet paper or your paper towel.


12. Earrings – If you’re looking for a place to store a large number of earrings in an already tight space while keeping them organized and out of the way, this is an incredibly creative fix.

closet shelving

13. Closet Door Shelving – Sometimes, no matter what you seem to do, there simply isn’t enough room to work with in a closet. This solution is a clever way to build invisible shelves on the inside of a closet door. Be sure to measure first!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 4.09.42 PM

14. Extra Rods – In most closets, many of the space constraints can be fixed by simply adding on a few more bars to the dead space in the sides of the closets.


15. Measuring Cup Hangers – There’s probably even more space to be had inside your kitchen cupboards! This neat labeling system is wonderfully tidy as well as handy!

coupon filing

16. Coupon Organizer – Coupon binders and folders can be both unwieldy and hard to thumb through quickly when you’re planning you next shopping trip. Not to mention all the desk space they take up! File them in this handy index instead, and keep them on any low floor or shelf space.


17. Mitten and Hat Holder – This cute seasonal hanger is great for easy set-up and removal, and makes a great alternative to picking up your kid’s winer wear off the floor!

themed bins

18. Themed Kid’s Bins – A quick way to keep extra clothes divided by season to free space for the rest of their clothes? Themed bins. Keep them on the upmost rack, or grab some lids and stack them!


19. Shared Divided Closet – Your children might not get their own bedroom, but they sure would love to have their own half of a closet! Save the trouble of digging through what goes where with this easy to divide closet plan.

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20. Linen Closet – A simple but helpful addition to any linen closet is to install some bars to the inside of the door to hang towels! Be sure to make sure you have ample room before installing them!