20 Cute Sock Animals You’ll Have To Make

20 Cute Sock Animals You'll Have To Make

Missing your favorite stuffed animal from childhood is one of the strongest nostalgias. For most of us, something about these toys brings back memories of simpler times and fewer worries. But because you’ve grown up a little doesn’t change the fact that these little guys are just as cute and lovable as when you were a kid!

If you’re looking for a fuzzy and warm friend for yourself or younger family and friends, these Sock Toys require just a mismatched set of foot warmers and some extra time and sewing. Trust us, once you’ve seen a few of these adorable little fellows you’ll have to try make at least one.


Sock Dog

Single Sock Dog – This lovable little dog is a fairly basic pattern, and only requires a single sock! Try using an old dress or argyle sock for a spotted puppy!


Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey – The most famous of all sock animals, the sock monkey is easier to make than you might think. These well dressed fellows make a great gift for winter or year round.


Sock Totoro

Totoro – If you love any of Studio Ghibi’s films, you’ve probably heard of their colorful characters from “My Neighbor Totoro”. These little fellows looks pretty cuddly whether you’re a fan or not, though!


Sock Owl

Sock Owl – Have you ever wanted to have a little huggable owl of your own? If you’ve got some red, brown, black, or even plain white socks, there are a plethora of different wise old birds you can make.


Sock Lamb

Little Lamb – Fluffy doesn’t even begin to do justice for this precious Sock Lamb. Not only is it soft, but it makes a great usage for simple white socks and anything insulated for extra ‘wool’.


Sock Penguin

Sock Penguin – A suit has never looked so good on something so cute. These sock toys make wonderful winter decor for the colder seasons, as well as bring some lovely color to your home.


Sock Cat

Sock Cat – If you have a lovable pet that isn’t quite as sweet to its toys, this simple cat pattern is very easy to make. Depending on the sock used, it can also be quite durable for a pet toy as well.


Sock Cow

Sock Cow – With minimal effort you can pull a cow out of your hat with an impressive amount of detail. Try adding on extra buttons for hooves, noses, or patching on some black spots!


Sock Frog

Sock Frog – If you have a frog-catching aficionado in your home, give them a prize that they’ll never have to release back into a pond.


Sock Monsters

Sock Monsters – For your funky socks that don’t seem like there’s a possible animal craft they would match, try using them for these super simple monsters that double as great giftcard or cash holders.


Sock Bunny

Floppy Eared Bunny – Remember the Velveteen Rabbit? Help your memories come to life in an adorable way to pass down to the children that didn’t get a chance to experience your favorite classic stories.


Sock Dino

Sock Dinosaur – Dinosaurs have got to be a staple of every young boy’s childhood. This easy one-sock pattern can have you a button-eyed lizard from the past in no time.


Sock Seal

Sock Seal – If those eyes don’t convince you to love marine life, there probably isn’t much that will. A scarf and a hat can add some extra color to your new favorite winter pal.

Sock Bear

Teddy Bear – There’s one stuffed animal that rises above the rest in terms of sheer popularity, and it’s undoubtably the Teddy Bear. This classic is a match for just about any type of sock and works well as a gift, toy, or just about any type of occasion that calls for a stuffed animal.


Sock Snail

Sock Snail – If you’re looking for a little more rewarding or challenging sock animal, the snail is great chance to slow down and spend some quality time on a new craft.


Sock Dragon

Sock Dragon – Magic is pretty easy to bring out in a fantastic pattern like this one. If you’re looking for something to add a little wonder to your crafting, try this Sock Dragon.



Socktopus – If you don’t have the most skill in sewing, this is probably the perfect sock toy for you. This Socktopus is easy to make multiples of, and you can even label them as a school of jellyfish for a group of fun tropical colored toys.


Sock Snake

Sock Snake – Can’t seem to find any sock toys on this list that seems like a good match for your mismatched wardrobe? This snake is perfect for any combination of weird and wacky socks, or even plain-jane socks. Use as many or as few as you’d like!