20 Amazing Ways To Turn Old Soda Cans Into Something Extraordinary

20 Amazingly Easy Soda Can Crafts

If you’ve got more than a few extra cans laying around your house that haven’t been returned then you might be interested in more than a few of these awesome Soda Can Crafts. Don’t feel bad, the pile up of extra empty drinks might just be a blessing in disguise!

For everything in decorative and jewelry, Christmas and seasonal, these crafts will have you going year round. It might even get to the point where these cans are more useful in eating up your time than they are for the 10 cent return!



Decorational Flowers – These flowers can make lovely additions to any patio, flowerbed, or garden, and can be a simple and fun craft to do with kids. It’s also a great way to get them outside or to encourage them to get involved with outdoor activities like gardening.


Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutters – Especially around the holiday season, it can be a struggle to find cookie cutters in shapes that are a little outside of the box. Sure, everyone loves a great snowman, but wouldn’t it be nice to make your own seasonal favorites?



String Lanterns – These awesome little lanterns make for a great splash of color in any outdoor area, and work especially well at the cabin or campground. Try stringing them together or hanging them apart!


Bracelets – Have you ever wanted to flaunt your favorite drinks as an accessory? With this quick and simple process it’s a cinch to turn a refreshing drink into refreshing style.


Necklaces – If you’re looking to dodge the undesirable prices of store-bought jewelry, its really hard to go wrong with these stellar necklaces. They can also double as fun links in any other beading projects you might have!

Peace Sign

Peace Sign Wall Hanging – If you’re looking for a wall decoration to spruce up your kid’s room a bit, or a handmade touch to any room, this is a the idea for you!



Soda Coasters – Now you can rest your drink on top of your favorite drink! These coasters make a tasteful addition to any soda fan’s living space.


Flower Box

Flower Box – If you’re more of the type to enjoy flowers without the hassle of growing and caring for them, you can try this neat Flower Box for a cute indoor decoration.



Flower Magnets – If you’ve loved any of the flower ideas above, you may have already thought of this one yourself! Bright and patterned Flower Magnets can bring life to any fridge or desk!



Snowflakes – With Winter rolling in, why not add a little snow and theme the inside of your home to the outdoors? These give an adorable touch to any surface, or to  a window as a hanging.


Stars Hangings – These stars can be painted just about any color, and make perfect additions to any Christmas Tree. They can also be colored and used for any year round decorating that is out of this world!

Butterfly Mobile

Butterfly Mobile – If you’re looking for something to brighten up your front porch, deck, or any outdoor space, these fun little butterflies are easy to make and great for catching sunlight.


Keychain – If you love your drinks as much as we do, you probably want to take them with you wherever you go. These keychains make an excellent addition your key ring!


Pencil Cans

Pencil Cups – If you’re looking to add some funny character to your workspace, take a peek at these pencil cups. Try them in different colors and stencils!


Santa Gift Tag

Santa Gift Tags – If you’re looking to bring a handmade touch to your gifting this holiday season, nothing says ‘personal  quite like these gift tags.


Leaf Wreath

Autumn Leaf Wreath – If you’re from a place that doesn’t get any snow, you may be more inclined to go with this beautiful wreath. Pick and choose your leaves to match local trees!

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes – With the addition of a couple good washers and hollow tubes of metal, any pattern you can think of makes for a great wind chime. Just add a light breeze!


Christmas Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments – If you’re looking to spruce up your Christmas Tree a little bit this year, or even add some new ornaments to the collection that are sure to catch a few eyes, be sure to check out these great bulb ideas.


Earrings – If you’re looking for some earrings with a more vintage feel, there’s limitless options when you make your own! Create a pair for just about any occasion!


Tab Belt – Weaving ribbon between individual pop can tab links makes for perfect spacers in your belt, and adding some exciting colors will have you making more than just one!