18 Borderline Genius Ways to Decorate for Christmas This Year

18 Festive Ways to Decorate for Christmas This Year

While it’s not quite Christmas yet, it’s never too early to start planning the festivities and decorations for the season. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the most creative and elegant ways to decorate for the season. Repurpose Christmas ornaments in ways you never imagined, or choose elegant ways to acknowledge old traditions while making new ones.

Regardless of your style, we’re sure you’re going to love the decor ideas we’ve assembled. Let’s get creative!



Festive Table Setting – This festive table setting relies on the glass mirror runner and wide array of glass candlesticks to dress up the table. Above it is a series of gold, white, and red ornaments that act like a chandelier.


Fireplace Computer Office Decor – While not for your home, this is a great way to spread a little Christmas cheer around the office. Your co-workers are going to be so jealous!


Burlap Christmas Wreath – This adorable wreath isn’t overly Christmasy, so it can hang on your front door all winter long. As soon as that first flake falls, put this bad boy on your door!


Front Yard Sign – This adorable sign is just perfect for your front yard. The tree arrows point the way to Santa’s workshop, Candy Cane lane, and to a reindeer crossing. Festive and so unique!


Stair Bannister Garland – As the first part of the home your visitors and party guests see, the foyer is one of the most important places to decorate for any holiday.


Festive Shadow Box  – This festive bit of wall art features a shadow box filled with brightly colored jingle bells. A festive nod to a favorite classic Christmas carol!



DIY Rudolph Wall Art – Another adorable bit of wall art that references a popular Christmas carol. For an extra bit of style, the “o” in Rudolph is painted a solid red, just like his nose!


“Merry Christmas” Reversible Blocks – This cute set of Christmas themed blocks are a perfect way to decorate in a home with a more traditional style. Plus, they’re great for the kids or grandkids!


Framed Christmas Card Display – While many people no longer send out Christmas cards, you may still get a few each year. This cute display is a festive way to display all the well wishes from friends and family over the course of the season.


Holiday Holly Wall – This is an adorable wall decoration made out of simple paper supplies. Add a cutout or vinyl saying, and you have a great wall display!


Holiday Grinch Tree – How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic film, and this tree decor really takes it to the next level with the Grinch’s hind end poking out of the tree.


Ornament Garland – This is a great project that can be made more cheaply after Christmas, when all the ornaments go on sale. Attach each one to a thick ribbon to create a garland.


Peppermint Striped Candlesticks – These adorable rustic candle holders are perfect for a country style home. simply paint, distress, and hollow out a block of wood. Fill with flameless luminaries to avoid any fire hazards.


Cotton Ball Snow – This cute garland is a great way to get the kids involved by stringing cotton balls on fishing line. Add a few snowflakes and you get a great backdrop for pictures!


Christmas Cookie Kitchen Sign –  This is a great way to add a bit of Christmas cheer to your kitchen this winter, and it should help you get into the mood to do some Christmas baking.


Snow Globe Terrariums – These cute terrariums are a new take on a Christmas village, instead keeping all the snow neatly packed into different sized jars. Add icicle lights to give each terrarium a nice glow.


Sock Snowmen –  These adorable snowmen are made from discarded socks, and would be perfect to set beside the fireplace as decor.


Sweater Vase Cozies – Even your vases can get a makeover. Add cozies made out of discarded sweaters to give your vases a winterized look. So cute!