18 DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects That Will Transform Your Garden

18 DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects That Will Transform Your Garden

Relax in style this summer with these amazing outdoor furniture projects.

Get in the garden and enjoy the sun in ultimate comfort with a homemade pallet lounger, entertain friends well into the evening with your very own backyard bar or gather all your family to check out your new decorative planters. These simple DIY’s are all easy to duplicate and won’t break the bank!

18 DIY Outdoor Furniture ProjectsDIY Umbrella Stand – Make sure that your umbrella is secure this summer with a sturdy wine barrel stand.

Pallet Loungers – Relax in style with this wonderful DIY that even novice crafters can build. With just a couple of pallets and a few basic tools you can lounge the day away.

Homemade Garden Stones – Turn your own devastation into something beautiful! If you’ve smashed one of your favorite tea cups recently, all is not lost…you can up-cycle the broken pieces into stepping stone art for your garden!

How To Build A Cedar Potting Bench – This is a fantastic little weekend project that’s easy and hassle free…you don’t need any special woodworking skills, just a little bit of DIY know-how!

Hammock Swing Tutorial – Picture this: lazily swinging the afternoon away under a blue sky, with a cold drink in hand. Summer doesn’t get much better than that!

Concrete Garden Planters – Add texture and charm to your outside space with these homemade concrete planters.

18 DIY Outdoor Furniture ProjectsCandle Lantern Walkway Lights – Create a stunningly original garden walkway with nothing but a tuna can, a votive and some spray paint. Intrigued? Check out the full tutorial here!

DIY Upcycled Outdoor Beverage Station – Serve up soft drinks and adult beverages in style and become the most sought-after backyard barbecue host with the help of this nifty outdoor bar.

Mosaic Tile Outdoor Table – This homemade mosaic tile table has a beautiful artisan feel. It’s simple to make but it’s engineered to hold up in any weather…perfect for outside!

How To Make A Chandelier Planter – Allow your foliage to take center stage with this artistic idea. Using a salvaged chandelier you can replace the traditional hanging baskets and display your plants in an interesting and unique way!

Install A Day Bed For Your Patio – For the ultimate in relaxing comfort a garden daybed is hard to beat. Shaded or open, this design will allow you the choice of sunbathing or just resting in style!

DIY Swinging Table – Creative and clever, this DIY swinging table is perfect for summer parties and outdoor entertaining.

18 DIY Outdoor Furniture ProectsMake Your Own Pallet Wine Rack – Learn how to turn a free pallet into a classy rustic wine rack with this DIY project that can be done in just a few hours!

How To Make An Outdoor Play Tent – Children everywhere are fascinated by tent’s, teepee’s, canopy’s and den’s…they just love the adventure of camping! Why not make your own and keep them entertained in the garden.

DIY Rocking Chair – Sit back and be rocked to relaxation by this creative wine barrel chair!

Collapsible Potting Table – A set of detailed instructions and step-by-step photography makes this DIY seem almost too easy!

Framed FlowersTurn your flowers into a work of art with this quirky tutorial. All of your plants can be displayed together in a frame, making an artistic centerpiece for your yard.

How To Make A Pallet Swing Chair – This easy DIY will look fantastic swinging on your porch and giving you somewhere you can relax in the evenings in vintage style.