15 Super Mom Hacks To Save You Precious Hours

15 Super Mom Hacks To Save You Precious Hours

Moms all like to pretend that we’ve got everything covered, but we all know that we’re just winging it. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, you’re probably busy up to your eyeballs.

We’ve found some really awesome hacks to help you regain part of your day. From meal preparation to organization, we’re sure you’ll find that these ideas will help you get a better handle on each day, leaving you more time for the fun parts of being a mom!



Freeze Sandwiches – Packing lunches each morning is pretty time consuming, especially if you need to pack multiples or are making each sandwich that morning. Instead, make a bunch ahead of time and freeze them, so you can quickly pack a lunch box in the morning!


Sink Extender – Little hands sometimes can’t reach shorter sink faucets, but with a few simple changes to a lotion bottle, you can make a sink extender. You’ll save precious time lifting them up to use the sink, and you’ll save your back too!


Car Trash Can – Repurpose a cereal container into a trash bin that won’t spill in the car. Perfect for catching tissues, food scraps, and anything else! When it’s time to clean up, just change the bag. No more messy car!


Treat Greasy Hair – Moms don’t have a lot of time to wash their hair some mornings, but you can have nice, clean, fresh hair if you can find 10 minutes!


Magnet Cups – Instead of washing a new glass every time the kids want a drink of water, attach magnets to a designated cup, then attach it to the fridge. Your kids will know exactly where to put it when they’re done.



DIY Fridge Mats – Sometimes food leaks, and that can cause some seriously gross messes that require a lot of scrubbing. These mats can simply be removed and replaced while being washed. So much easier!


Create a Family Binder – By storing all your important documents and information in a single binder, you can reduce the amount of time you spend digging through a file cabinet or folders.


Learn to Use Knives Properly – Learning how to use your knives most effectively can really reduce the amount of prep time you spend cooking (and any sustained injuries!)

Mommy Tip Make Toddler Shoe Shopping Easy

Foot Templates – Hauling the kids shoe shopping is a great way to get your blood pressure up. Instead, leave them at home with your spouse and take a tracing of their feet in to help you pick the right size.


The 10 Minute Clean Room – This method will help you and the kids get messy rooms spotless in under 10 minutes. The trick is not to let the process get complicated.


DIY Homework Caddy

DIY Homework Caddy – Make the clear up after homework stress free and simple with this useful DIY caddy, it’s colorful, pratical and really handy to store all those bits and bobs that tend to go missing!


Moster Spray

Monster Spray For Stress Free Bedtimes – If your kids have trouble getting to sleep, this monster spray can help them get settled faster and easier to take the stress away from you!

How to Make a Woven Wrap Hammock

How to Make a Woven Wrap Hammock – Making a fun den for the kids can take longer than you want it to and creates a huge mess which will take even more time to clear up. Save time with this super fun hammock idea!


Ikea Hack Co-sleeper

Ikea Hack Co-sleeper – Save those precious hours of sleep ( and MONEY) with this Ikea hack! Make this DIY co-sleeper and you and your baby can more ZZZ’s!

toothbrush storage

Toothbrush Storage Holder – Turn an unused silverware holder into a toothbrush organizer for the whole family! Save time and effort when it comes to the morning and bedtime routine!

Store Toys

Hide Those Toys – Slash clear up time in half with storage for toys in your living room. Instead of putting everything away in their bedrooms, simply add stylish storage like Whitehouseblackshutters.com did!