15 Super Fun Games & Crafts Made With Pool Noodles

15 Super Fun Games & Crafts Made With Pool Noodles

They may appear pretty basic but don’t let that fool you because the ordinary pool noodle can be transformed into hours of fun for the kids with these fantastic craft ideas!

They’re all easy to make and you wont have to part with loads of cash to complete them – after all, it doesn’t get much cheaper than a few dollar store pool noodles!

Host your very own matchbox derby with this amazing pool noodle race track! Whether it’s outside in the sunshine or inside on a rainy day, the kids will love cheering on their miniature cars as they speed down the noodle lanes.

Ahoy there! If you’re looking for a fun pool raft for the kids this summer then look ┬áno further than this unique pirate raft! Made with a few noodles, some rope and small plastic pipes it’s easy to assemble and the children will get hours of entertainment from it.

Make learning fun and introduce a pool noodle abacus into the garden. You can encourage the kids to play number games where they can push the small sections of noodle back and forth.

Pool Noodle Abacus

Create a pool noodle golf course in your backyard and sit back and relax while your little ones tee-off! Absolutely everything is made using noodles including the club and the hole so all you need to do is get down to the dollar-store and stock up on a few!

This clever tip will keep your mind at ease while the kids are bouncing around on the trampoline. You can use pool noodles to replace a worn out safety pad so that the dangerous metal springs are always covered – genius or what!

Who said pool noodles were just for the pool? The foam tubes are perfect for getting crafty with and the little ones can create all sorts of original pieces of art work – they just need to dip them in paint and start printing.

pool noodle painting

May the force be with you…because once you’ve made these fun pool noodle light sabers your kids will not put them down!

When you and your family are chilling out by the pool, the last thing you want to be doing is running inside for drinks, dripping water all over the floor. Well now you don’t have to because this noodle beverage boat will float in the pool all day keeping your soda nice and cool.

Make a splash with this amazing train track water toy. It’s the perfect project to keep your children cool this summer – just hook it up to your garden hose and let the fun begin!

The simple game of tic tac toe but not as you know it! This pool noodle version adds a 3D element to the past-time that makes it more exciting than ever before!

As soon as the sun comes out you’re likely to see hundreds of variations of this game fill the shelves in stores everywhere – but why pay for a racquet ball set when you can make your own at home? A net bag, some duct tape and the all important pool noodles are all you need!

The best way to get your kids in the bath is to make it exciting and that’s exactly what this water wall does! They can play till their hearts content and they wont even notice you scrubbing the dirt off them!

water wall pool noodle

Teach your kids accuracy and work on improving their aim with this fun-filled javelin throw game.

Let your kids create their own noodle boat with this easy project. They can get creative with the design and personalize it to them then enjoy racing them across the pool or bathtub!

If your young kids have a tendency to roll out of bed at night then this simple trick is just the solution you need!