15 Genius Money-Saving Tricks That Could Save You Thousands

15 Genius Money-Saving Tricks That Could Save You Thousands

Times are tough, so you need to be prepared to sacrifice a little, right? While you may need to be prepared to start sacrificing a few luxury items in order to save money, there are loads of ways to save money on little things, so you can afford to splurge a little on the things you just can’t live without.

The little savings add up, so learn how a few small changes can keep you from feeling deprived!


50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making 1

50 Things You Should Be Making Not Buying – Slash those grocery bills by making these 50 daily items instead of buying them. Not only are you saving money, these 50 alternatives are much healthier for you!


Shop the Lower and Upper Shelves – Stores place the most profitable items at eye level, so look above and below to find the best deals. You don’t really need name brand, do you?

Take Advantage of Free Fitness Classes – Many gyms have free classes available. Keep track of when they are, and make a point to take advantage of free time with a trainer.


Reconstitute Your Mascara – At 6 or 7 dollars a pop, mascara is pricey stuff. Make yours last 3 times as long by adding a few drops of saline solution whenever it starts to dry out.

Cheap Starbucks Refills – If you keep your Starbucks cup, refills are only 50 cents! Just be sure to take care of it. Nobody wants to touch your old, gross cup.


Call Using Google Voice – Can’t afford a cell phone plan? Use Google Voice to make free phone calls!

Find Free Items on Facebook – There are tons of Facebook groups out there that alert their fans to free offers. Find ones that offer products that you use, then take advantage of those offers!


Regrow Produce – Some types of produce can be regrown from the bits that we usually throw away. Find the kind that you can easily regrow with water, and you will save tons of money on buying fresh veggies.


DIY Reusable Antibacterial Wipes – Make your own non-toxic antibacterial wipes that you can keep reusing. You’ll save a pretty penny and still keep your place sparkling clean.


DIY Reusable Freezer Packs – Freeze a common household sponge to use as a freezer pack. Once it thaws, you can use it to wipe down your eating area. Simply wet and refreeze for the next day.

Cut Shower Time – The best way to save money on your water bill is to cut short long showers. Encourage your family to get clean quicker by placing an egg timer in the bathroom. When it rings, it’s time to get out!


Make and Stick to A Budget – This seems like an obvious idea, but you’d be surprised at how many people really don’t stick to their budgets. Knowing exactly how much you spend and where can keep you from costly overdrafts.


Bake Bread – Baking bread doesn’t have to be time consuming. This recipe will have you baking no-fuss rustic bread for only 40 cents a loaf! Way cheaper than Wonderbread, and it tastes so much better!


Learn How to Order – At Starbucks, you can order your tea “without water” to make sure you get more of the good stuff per cup.


DIY Seasoning Mixes – Packaged seasoning mixes are stuffed with sodium, and cost around a dollar per package. Purchasing your spices in bulk, then creating your own custom mixes means that you save big, and avoid extra sodium.