15 DIY Home Improvement Projects Using Wood

15 DIY Home Improvement Projects Using Wood

When spring and summer feel further away than ever, it’s time to break up some of the cabin fever with some home improvement projects!

We’ve assembled a ton of projects utilizing wood to help you add a new, fresh bit of style to your home.

These projects range in difficulty from incredibly simple to difficult and involved, so there’s something here for everyone!

We hope you’ll be inspired by these great projects! Let’s get to DIYing!



Wine Rack – This is a great two-in one bit of wall decor; store your wine while displaying your delicate glassware below.


Floating Shelves – Open shelving is the perfect way to add contemporary beauty to your home’s storage. These sturdy and beautiful pieces are the perfect thing for storing blankets.


Crate Coffee Table – This is a simple project that uses upcycled crates to form the table. The center can be filled with anything you choose. It’s shown here with wine corks holding a potted plant in place.


Pallet Swing Bed – This is a project that will have you yearning for summer to arrive. But once it does, you can simply hang your swing outside and start enjoying it immediately!


Wooden Blanket Ladder – It can be tough to keep blankets looking tidy in your living room, but this blanket ladder makes hanging them back up a snap.


Couch Sleeve – If you don’t have room for an end table at either side of your sofa, add one of these sleeves. They’re the perfect thing for setting a glass down.


Farmhouse Table – Can’t find a table you like with the dimensions you need? Experienced DIYers can make their very own custom farmhouse table.


Window Shutters – If your home looks a little plain from the curb, adding shutters can be just the thing to give it the curb appeal it needs.



Wood Slice Coasters – These are super simple to make and will save you a lot of money. They also make for great, easy gifts!


Hexagon Wall Planters РThese wall planters are gorgeous. They add dimension and texture to a wall while maintaining a sleek, modern style.


Headboard – Making your own headboard is a great way to get the look you want without spending a couple hundred dollars.


Produce Stand – This cute little shelf sits on the floor near your pantry and is a great place to store root vegetables and fruit, keeping them off your countertops.


Towel Rack – Don’t leave the towels on the floor! This simple project will ensure you have all the hooks you need to keep your towels out of a heap on the floor.


Window Box Planter – Upcycle old wine crates and transform them into a beautiful window box for any room in your home.


Wooden Arrow Wall Decor – This is a gorgeous way to create simple wall decor with wood. It’s contemporary, stylish, and super easy to create!