15 Adorable and Easy DIY Stocking Stuffers

15 Adorable and Easy DIY Stocking Stuffers

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, so we’re pleased to present a collection of some incredibly adorable and clever stocking stuffer ideas that the recipients will love!

From cute homemade cosmetics to simple sewing projects tailored to the recipient’s style, we’re sure you’ll find at least one perfect stocking stuffer for all of your favorite people!

With ideas for toddlers, kids, teens, your girlfriends, or even your hubby, you’re sure to find a great handmade gift to give out!



Fish-In-A-Bag Soap – Remember bringing home your first of many goldfish in a little plastic bag with a bit of water? If yours were anything like ours, they didn’t last long, but this adorable soap version will last weeks or months longer than your poor childhood goldfish.

animal headband

Animal Ear Headbands – These are a fun and easy DIY that will fit nicely at the tippy top of the stocking. Make a headband styled after your kids’ favorite animals and watch the imagination play unfold before your very eyes!


Sea In A Bottle – This is a fun visual toy for very young toddlers and children, and will bring the memories of a warm summer beach back to mind each time you see them playing with it.

DIY Cord Bracelet

DIY Cord Bracelet – A bit of sparkle is always welcome in a teenage girl’s stocking! Make this super simple bracelet and hide it in her stocking, or make them together as Secret Santa gifts for her friends!


Sweater Mittens – Once a sweater has been outgrown, you can take that favorite pattern or color and transform them into cozy mittens to wear yourself or to give as a cute gift. These are small enough to fit easily in a stocking and can be decorated in any way that you choose!


Personalized Photo Coasters – With some mod podge and some favorite family pictures, you can create a set of coasters that your family member or friend will love!


Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Keychain – Forget having tangled headphones every time you go to fish them out of your purse or backpack. With this simple sewing project, you’ll always have them neatly coiled up and ready to go. Or, use it as a simple coin purse.


DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands – Inspire some Harry Potter imaginative play in younger kids, or give your older children an incredible personalized gift to display on their desks. A super easy DIY that is sure to be loved!


Feather Barrette – Create a super easy, super cute hair accessory for girls of any age by gluing colorful or natural looking features to the top of a simple metal barrette. It only takes a few minutes to whip up a handful of these trendy accessories!


Glitter Snowglobe – Snowglobes are expensive little trinkets that can be made at home ridiculously easily. Create a personalized scene inside for each person and drop into the foot of the stocking. It’s a gift they’ll bring out as Christmas decor every year!


Macaron Coin Purse – These adorable fabric purses can be used for small bits of change, made into keychains, or, as shown above, can be used to hide small pieces of jewelry. Your loved ones will be so surprised when they unzip it to find a ring or earrings!



Rhinestone Monogrammed Christmas Ornament – Give your friends a unique, blinged out ornament with their initials. Perfect for a newly married best friend, to commemorate baby’s first Christmas, or as a party favor!


Instant Mocha Mix Tubes – A sweet treat as part of the stocking is always a welcome gift, but to make it extra special, make your own mix and present it in a lovely test tube with a decorative printable label.


Gingerbread Playdough – This is a great stocking stuffer for kids. Make your own sweet smelling edible playdough that’s perfectly christmas themed and include a cookie cutter for playtime!


DIY Comfy PJ Pants – Pajamas are a time-tested Christmas Eve or morning gift that everyone loves. Kids feel extra special wearing brand new PJs, and adult members of the family will love getting brand new stylish PJ pants that were made by hand with some serious love.