14 Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas That Will Make The Neighbors Jealous

14 Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas That Will Make The Neighbors Jealous

Now that it’s after Thanksgiving, it’s completely acceptable to go whole-hog and turn your front porch into the entryway into a magical winter wonderland.

Hang lights, wreaths, faux snowflakes, put up Christmas trees or more vintage decorations like sleds or ice skates. You can’t go wrong!

But if you’re having a tough time deciding how you want your porch to look, we’ve assembled some really fantastic design ideas to stir your imagination.

Let’s take a tour through some really incredible, classy front porches that are all decked out in their holiday finery!



Silver and Snowflakes – Hanging planters that usually hold flowers have been filled with oversized silver ornaments. Spindly trees are decorated with enormous, sturdy snowflakes. The porch is topped off with a bit of greenery on the front door.


Glitz and Glamour – Disco ball ornaments create a dazzling light effect on this porch during the day, and sparkle in the night. Smaller ornaments are placed in the garland around the door.


Tastefully Vintage – This is a simple vintage look featuring an old wooden sled, ice skates, and a natural pine garland. Bold colors aren’t always necessary to be fully decorated for the season!


Festive Urns – You don’t need decorate extravagantly to dress up your porch. These lighted urns are filled with evergreen boughs and ornaments, and look beautiful sitting on either side of the front door. A simple white wreath completes the scene.


Stacked Wreaths – This lovely decor is centered around evergreen wreaths. A line of three is on the door, there’s one on the window, and each is topped with a red velvet ribbon.


Minimalist Vintage – The porch might be a little difficult to see from the brick walkway, but the lovely monogrammed sled at the start of the stairs draws the eye upwards to the front door.


Colorful Ornaments – Each of the little trees on either side of the door is decorated with green and red ornaments; a motif that continues into the garland at the top of the door and in the colorful ornament wreath.



JOY Planters for Steps – These adorable planters are an easy DIY and are the perfect way to dress up your front stairs. Switch up the shape of the planters for a subtle change in texture.


Red and White – The simplicity of this design allows the bold red of the poinsettias and ornaments to really stand out against the white urns and front door.


Giant Ornaments – If you really want to make a big splash without a lot of decorating, use giant colorful ornaments to decorate your porch and steps. Great for tall plantation style porches without railings.


Christmas Tree – Decorating your porch can be as easy as adding a potted Christmas tree to one or both sides of your door. Use natural looking ornaments and sturdy burlap to ensure your tree looks good all season long.


Simple Country – This is another great way to add vintage objects like lanterns, sleds, and ice skates to your porch’s design.


Wrapped Package Topiary – Adding a large stack of gifts to the top of an existing urn makes for a fun festive topiary toa dd to your decor. Coordinate your ribbons with those on the garland and wreaths for a polished look.


Basket of Snowballs – They don’t have to be real snowballs! Styrofoam look beautiful and festive, and will last through the many freezes and thaws ahead!