14 DIY Hummingbird Feeders That’ll Be the Buzz Around Your Garden

14 DIY Hummingbird Feeders That'll Be the Buzz Around Your Garden

While many of us have seen the last of our beloved hummingbird friends for the year, it’s never too late to start thinking about how to attract even more birds to your garden.

Delicate hummingbirds are such a delight to watch, and fairly easy to attract to your yard. They need to constantly eat, so they won’t stick around if you don’t have food for them.

You can learn how to make your very own hummingbird feeder out of recycled materials, and get set up for next year. Each of these projects is completely hummingbird friendly and safe. However, the projects vary in difficulty, so be sure to check out each one if you’re a new DIYer!

Plus, nearly every one of these projects includes a tutorial with directions on how to make and store nectar for your birds.



Opaque Wine Bottle Feeder – This is a classic DIY feeder using a wine bottle, a recycled plastic dish, and some faux flowers to draw in the hummingbirds.


Shot Glass and Copper Wire Feeder – This is a super simple design that you won’t be able to resist. If you can manipulate copper wire, you can make this feeder. You will, of course, need to refill it more often, as the glass will get empty and dirty.


Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Moat – Ants are a major problem with hummingbird feeders. This DIY version has an ant moat to help keep your feeder safe from the ants that will gladly eat all your nectar.


Recycled Bottle and Plastic Spoon Feeder – This feeder has a unique take on attracting the birds. Red plastic spoons are melted to look like flower petals and attached to the base of the feeder.


Baby Food Jar Feeder – If you don’t have much space, this tiny little feeder might be the perfect option for you. Hang a few of these around your garden to provide the little beauties with individual feeding posts. Hummingbirds are territorial, after all!


Wine Bottle Feeder – Another take on a wine bottle feeder. This one features a wire wrap with charms added. The colored glass sparkles in the sunlight. An easy and beautiful project!


Mini Water Bottle Feeder – This is a great craft for the kids; utilizing those leftover mini water bottles from sports events. Add a bit of paint, a faux flower, and some wire to hang it by, and you have an awesome craft that will lead to bird watching!


Coffee Container Feeder – It’s pretty well known that hummingbirds are attracted to the color red. You can utilize recycled materials that are already red–like this Folger’s coffee can.



Recycled Liquor Bottle Feeder – Liquor bottles tend to be decorative, and they make for really gorgeous textured hummingbird feeders. If you’d prefer your neighbors not realize the bottle is a liquor bottle at first glance, you can take off the label.


Gatorade Bottle Feeder – This is another incredibly simple project that utilizes a recycled gatorade bottle, rope, and a plastic container.


PVC Feeder – If you really want to attract a lot of hummingbirds, you can opt for this large feeder with twelve perches for your feathery friends.


Tequila Bottle Feeder – Another gorgeous example of a liquor bottle upcycled into a feeder. This design features glass beads to add color.


Mini PVC Feeders – This design utilizes bright colors and washi tape to transform small PVC pipes into feeders that will look beautiful whether there are birds at them or not!


Window / Handheld Feeder – This is a really unique feeder that can be placed on a window or detached and used as a handheld hummingbird magnet. You can get up close and personal with this one!