13 Fantastic DIY Christmas Gifts for Teachers

13 Teacher Gifts

Teachers do so much for us as parents; they reinforce manners and behavior at a young age, teach vital skills like critical thinking, and sometimes, they seem to spend more time with our kids than we do.

Every teacher deserves a big thank you at Christmas time, so why not put a little extra effort into this year’s gift and show a great teacher how much you appreciate them!



Apple-Print Tote Bag – Teachers have a lot to lug around, from papers to grade to their lunches, so why not make sure your favorite teacher has a sturdy, yet adorable, tote bag to carry everything they need?


Cup O’ Supplies – Teachers are sure to get a lot of items like coffee mugs or ornaments for Christmas, but what they really need are those costly supplies. Pick a cute cup, fill it with expo markers or sharpies, then top it off with a cute note and ribbon!


#2 Pencil Flower Vase –  Pick out a simple vase from the dollar store, a brand new pack of #2 pencils, and start hot gluing! This is a super cute vase your favorite teacher will love to have on her desk!


“Berry” Sweet Cake In A Jar – Sometimes teachers just need a sweet snack. Pack a sweet strawberry shortcake into a mason jar, decorate it, and serve up the sweetest gift they’ll get over the holidays!


Quick Change Corsage Necklace – This adorable pendant is handmade, and easy to attach to any long necklace, adding a pop of color to any outfit. Give your teacher several different color options to really go the extra mile!


DIY Crayon Wreath – This adorable wreath is just the thing to welcome students into your favorite teacher’s classroom.


Teacher’s Monkeys Sign – Hang this cute sign above a wall with each student’s picture. An adorable way to personalize a teacher’s classroom!


Teacher Emergency Kit – Accidents happen at school, and this cute first aid kit has everything your teacher needs to take care of business. Plus, a few extra bits, like lotion and chocolate to help them get through their days!


EOS Lip Balm Teacher Gift – Everyone loves lip gloss, and this printable is the perfect way to personalize it for teachers!


Glass Magnets – Magnets are one of those items that every teacher needs, but often gets forgotten about in the school supply shuffle. Make these colorful glass magnets that any teacher will love!


Decorative Hand Sanitizer – Germs are a fact of life when working with kids, so why not provide your teacher with a healthy supply of hand sanitizer with a cute design on the front?


Snow Day Survival Kit – Teachers don’t really get to enjoy snow days as much as the kids, but you can help make theirs more fun with this creative and yummy survival kit!


Succulent Garden – Having a plant on your desk is a great way to feel better at work. The extra oxygen will help you feel more awake and productive. A succulent is a doubly great idea because they won’t mean too much extra work for an already busy teacher!