13 April Fools Pranks That Will Have Your Kids Howling With Laughter

13 April Fools Pranks That Will Have Your Kids Howling With Laughter

Salt in the sugar bowl and saran wrapped doorways are child’s play…pranking is a serious business and these amazing ideas are guaranteed to give the whole family the giggles! Perfect pranks for a fun filled April Fools day, either prank your family or friends with these hilarious ideas!

Announce to the family that you’re all having sundaes for dinner and they’ll all run excitedly to the table eagerly awaiting the rare treat of dessert for dinner. Then present them with their mashed potato sundaes…they won’t suspect a thing until they’ve started eating.

mashed potato sundae

The ol’-switcheroo is a fun way to trick your youngsters and with this prank they won’t mind so much because they’ll think they’re getting grilled cheese sandwiches but instead it’ll be pound cake and icing! Pound cake grilled cheeses… evil genius!

If you want a simple prank to play on your little ones it doesn’t get much easier than changing the color of milk. It’s actually more straightforward than you’d think…but the question is can you keep a straight face while everyone is confused by the blue milk?

Creepy critter lunch is a fun way to surprise everyone… open their chips and switch them for something else then reseal, have a gummy worm poking out of an apple and a toy insect sticking out of their sandwich… nothing beats a little surprise!

April Fools Lunch

We all need to go to the bathroom so it makes it an easy target for creating the perfect prank. Forget about saran wrapping the toilet, instead create a fake toilet roll for a completely new and awesome prank! It’s so simple…but maybe keep a roll of toilet paper nearby!

Making sure your family eat a healthy well balanced diet is important… so why not give them a pre-sliced banana! You can slice the banana whilst it’s still in the skin and imagine everyones surprise when they open a tasty fruit snack to find it already sliced into chunks. They’ll never work out how you did it either!

Changing the color of pasta will freak your little ones out and you can serve it will a tasty dink that doesn’t work. A drink that doesn’t work? Well you can’t normally eat jello through a straw! Enjoy an entire meal prank with this simple idea!

Adding googly eyes makes everything better and significantly funnier. So here’s some inspiration for what you can add googly eyes too, keep an eye out for the entire breakfast thats watching you!

Or attach a Dollar to some string and pull it away when your youngsters try to pick it up. You may have to give them the dollar or a coin in the end but it’s worth it.

The spilt milk prank is a fun way to freak everyone out, if you add paint you can even trick them into believing it’s coffee that you spilt on their favourite sweater or even on the computer. This simple trick can be used in loads of different laughter inducing scenarios.

Spilt Milk

Stuff toilet paper into everyones shoes and they’ll all thing their feet have grown overnight! The best part about the stuffed shoe trick is it’s so simple and you wouldn’t need to get anything in specially for it.

Draw on your kids while they are sleeping and give your little ones a moustache, a monocle or even giant eyebrows using a washable pen. They’ll be surprised when they wake up and look in the mirror!