13 Adorable Handmade Christmas Decorations You’ve Got To Make This Year

13 Adorable Handmade Christmas Decorations You've Got To Make This Year

Unique, personal and original, these homemade Christmas decorations will add a little something different to your festive celebrations this year!

The wonderful collection has got something for everyone…easy-to-make ornaments to hang on your tree, inexpensive garlands to adorn your mantel and beautiful centerpieces to bring your table to life.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Melted Snowman Ornament

This melted snowman decoration is super simple to make but it will look adorable on your tree!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Glitter Dipped Christmas Candles

The Holidays wouldn’t be the same without a little glitter!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Handmade Christmas Trees

Whether you use these as a centerpiece for your table or you scatter them around the room, these embellished trees will look impressive. Be warned, they’re so addictive to make you’ll end up with a whole forest!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Family Photo Wreath

It’s the family season so why not display your favorite memories in a festive way and create this beautiful handmade wreath?

Handmade Christmas Decorations

DIY Popcorn Garland

Decorating your home has never been so tasty! These cranberry and popcorn garlands will give your tree that homemade touch.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

DIY Rudolph Coasters

These fun rudolph coasters are a great DIY that can be made in a matter of minutes.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Pine Cone Napkin Ring

You don’t have to be a clever crafter to make these napkin rings, they’re easy enough for anyone to try…a few pine cones and some ribbon are all you need!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Christmas Township Candle Jar

Nothing beats the warm glow of a candle on a chilly winters evening, especially when they look this amazing!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Cutlery Holder Stockings

These brilliant personalized stockings are a great way to identify who sits where around the Holiday table.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament

This is one to get the kids involved with and we guarantee that they’ll love being allowed to stick their fingers in some paint…it’s all in the name of decorating after all!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Do something a little different this year with this homemade advent calendar…it’s much better than the store-bought alternatives and looks great hanging on the wall!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Stemware Snowglobe

Inexpensive stemware transformed into stunning snowglobes…it doesn’t get much more original than that!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Candy Wreath

There are always a fantastic array of candies and treats around at Christmas so why not put them to good use and make one of these sweet wreaths to display on your front door.

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