11 Stunning Water Feature Ideas

11 Stunning Water Feature Ideas

Are you looking for an eye-catching feature for your garden? Why not try creating your own little oasis in the back yard and enjoy the soothing sounds of water all year round!

With this round-up of beautiful water feature ideas, you can do just that! Whether you’re a DIY expert or you’re a bit of novice, this list has something for everyone.

Check out all 11 ideas below…

DIY Recirculating Fountain –¬†This inexpensive fountain looks amazing in any garden and is really simple to make.¬†Choose any ceramic pot you want and make it blend in beautifully with your garden while creating a fantastic stand out feature to be enjoyed year round.

How To Build A Low Maintenance Water Feature – This is a DIY that everyone can have a go at! It’s quick and simple, and you wont need any special equipment!

DIY Vertical Water Feature – With this fantastic tutorial, you can enjoy a rain chain even when there’s no rain!

Make Your Own Watering Can Fountain – Up-cycle an old watering can to create a beautiful centerpiece for your garden.

Homemade Bird Bath – Encourage wild birds into your garden by providing clean, fresh water all year round with this solar powered bird bath.

Copper Spiral Water Feature – This may be a simple DIY but boy, is it effective! By twisting copper piping into interesting shapes, you can create a beautiful outdoor feature!

How To Make A Container Water Garden – You don’t need to build a fountain in your garden to be able to enjoy the sounds of water! Why not give this container project a go instead?

DIY Shower Fountain – Easy to put together, then easy to sit back and listen to!

How To Make A Pond-Less Waterfall – Enjoy the sights and sounds of running water without the maintenance of a pond!

DIY Flower Pot Fountain – Forget about buying an expensive fountain, make one from your old flower pots instead!

Rain Chain DIY – Rain chains are a beautiful and practical way to create movement in the garden, directing water in a stylish motion!