10 Things To Do In Your Garden In August

10 Things To Do In Your Garden In August

August is most definitely the time of year to enjoy your garden…but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. There are still plenty of jobs that you should be doing.

There’s no need for toxic chemicals in your yard either, these ideas are ideal for the natural organic garden, the homesteader or even the hobbyist. Make sure you’re doing all you can in the yard to keep your garden in tip top shape.

Take Cuttings – Not only will taking cuttings control/train your plants, now’s also the perfect time to establish new cuttings to allow them plenty of time to grow strong roots, so they will be able to overwinter indoors before planting them outdoors in the spring.

Take Care Of Your Lawn – At the height of summer we normally tend to underwater our lawns and cut the grass too often…with these top organic tips you’ll be able to keep your grass perfectly green and impress friends  and family every time you have a BBQ.

Weeding – It may seem obvious but we often forget to weed our yard once it’s established. Weeds will hinder your crops and plants as they take away much needed nutrients and hard to find water. So make a natural weed killer which you pour directly at the root of the offending plant…quick, simple and organic.Weeding-HHI-August

Build A Green House – If you want to grow year round consider building a greenhouse which will allow you to grow tasty crops while the winter rages on outside. Getting it done now will mean you can keep your plants going well into winter.

Plant Spring Bulbs – Those in the colder growing climates (Zones 1-4 in America) Should plant spring bulbs near the end of August beginning of September to give them time to root before the early frosts set in. Warmer zones can wait till September/October or if you’re not sure check out this post – When should I plant My spring Blooming Bulbs.

Begin Growing Herbs Indoors – If you don’t already have an indoor herb garden this is the easiest way to guarantee fresh produce throughout the colder months and will be a welcome addition to any home.

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Build A Fire Pit – Now’s the perfect time to do a little DIY in the garden and what better than a fire pit. Great for when entertaining friends and family you can even enjoy it well into autumn.

Control Pests – Pest control is important. If left alone pests will ruin your summer crops and harm your autumn bulbs meaning you’ll have no late harvest. Keep an eye out for any unwanted guests such as aphids, white flies, spider mites and make sure your plants are pest free.garlic-pepper-tea-recipe-HHI-Pesticide

Make Your Own Outdoor Lighting – Unfortunately the nights are beginning to grow longer and the days shorter so you’ll be needing some extra lighting in the yard. But fear not, there are plenty of stunning luminaries that you can build yourself, and with 18 to choose from in this great post you’ll find plenty to keep your garden lit up.

Water Your Garden – Where possible it’s important to water your crops and plants properly so they don’t wilt or whither in the heat of the summer. You may laugh but whats best for your vegetable garden… Soaker hose or sprinkler? Doing it properly in the first place will save water!