10 Out Of This World DIY Fire Pit Ideas

10 Out Of This World DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits are a great way to introduce light and warmth into your garden at night. Who wouldn’t love to sit back and relax by the crackle and glow of a beautiful fire pit? Instead of paying a fortune on a store bought one though, simply follow one of these fantastic DIYs in our collection below and save your pennies…

From extradinary fire pits made with old wheel borrows and old washing machine drums, these ideas are inventive, really fun and will certainly make your neighbors green with envy!

Read on to have a look at all 10 fire pits!

1. Square Fire Pit

By designing and building your own fire pit, you can save time and money! Best of all you can make use of a space in your yard which doesn’t have a purpose and turn it into a beautiful feature which you can enjoy for many evenings to come!

Fire Pit #1

2. Deep Rounded Fire Pit

This DIY is easy to follow due to the great photography documenting the method! From start to finish it’s easy to see why people would turn to a DIY fire pit rather than a store bought version!

Fire Pit #2

3. $5 Fire Pit

If you have an old metal wheel barrow looking for a new use, look no further than this awesome fit pit idea. It’s unique, eco-friendly and even when not lit, makes a focal point in any garden!

Fire Pit #3

4. Concrete Bowl Fire Pit

With only a few materials needed for this DIY, literally anyone can make one of these to proudly sit in their back yard. Stylish in design and easy to use, this may be the perfect fire pit for your garden if you like clean lines and are lacking in loads of space!

Fire Pit #4



5.  $25 Fire Pit

This $25 personal fire pit is super stylish and is an ideal solution for people who are lacking in outside space. It’s also perfect if you don’t like the idea of mess and clear up!

Fire Pit #5

6. Retro Fire Pit

Instead of using concrete and stone, this DIY uses steel. The end result is stylish, unique and very minimalist. The simplicity makes it a great addition to your garden if you like clean lines and simple structures. This tutorial also is handy if you have never tried welding before.

Fire Pit #6

7. Built In Table Gas Fire Pit

We bet you never thought you could make your own gas fire pit at home, too complicated surely? Well not this one, these instructions carefully take you through all the steps letting even the most novice of DIY’ers create a success.

Fire Pit #7

8. $10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit

All you need is one hour and $10 to complete this incredible DIY. Up-cycling is a great way to prevent things going to landfill and the best part is, this wasjing machine drum makes for a great fire pit! Just look at how amazing it looks when lit…

Fire Pit #8

9. Concrete Tree Rings

This unique fire pit looks fantastic, it’s easy to build and will leave you with a perfect spot to enjoy the great outdoors with all the comforts of your home only a stones throw away!

Fire Pit #9

10. Simple Fire Pit

This simple DIY will bring the magic of camping right to your back door. It’s a great idea if you are looking to add a fire pit to your garden but don’t like the look of store bought versions or their PRICES!

Fire Pit #10