10 Futuristic Gadgets That Will Make Your Home 100x Better In 2016

10 Futuristic Gadgets That Will Make Your Home 100x Better In 2016 FINAL

2016 is finally here and it brings with it some incredible new feats of technology that will make our lives much simpler, easier and much more fun! From social robots which will you run a more efficient household to garden sensors which will automatically care for your garden plants, these home gadgets are about to change your life!


Barisieur Alarm Clock

Barisieur Alarm Clock

Do you enjoy a fresh steaming cup of coffee in the mornings? Well this gadget will brew your personal cup of coffee right beside your bed while you slowly wake up to start your day. Not only is this coffee maker breaking all the style rules, its beyond it’s years in technology too! Find out more here


Social Robot For The Home


Meet “Jibo”, the world’s first social robot, here to help you run an effcient household effortlessly. Acting as a personal assistant, Jibo can see, hear, speak, learn, help and relate. From reminders and messages to video calling and face recognition, this robot can do pretty much anything! Here are all the details!


iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Lugging that vacuum all over the house is a distant memory, enter 2016 with time on your hands by getting one of these Robot vacuums! It will clean your home the way you want it too, all controlled by a hassle-free app! It recharges automatically and changes settings depending on floor type!


Edyn Garden Sensor

Edyn Garden Sensor

Get connected to your garden in a way you never thought possible. With this insane piece of technology you can keep your garden thriving. This gadget will continuously monitor environmental conditions in your garden and even water you plant with the exact amount it needs. Simply place this tool in the soil and watch your garden grow!



Triby Connected Speaker for the Kitchen

Triby Connected Speaker for the Kitchen

Keep your family connected with a Triby speaker, this super cool gadget not only streams music, allows you to make free internet calls to family and friends, it also allows you to send written messages straight to the display screen. With a months battery life, this speaker is a family organizer that will help your family stay organized and connected stylishly and effortlessly!




Although it’s still in the prototype stage, this new software coming soon from Microsoft will change the world of gaming forever! Forgot TV screens and sitting down, immerse yourself in the game literally with interactive projection mapping which adapts to any room. “Users can touch, shoot, stomp, dodge and steer projected content that seamlessly co-exists with their existing physical environment” – Microsoft…


Bioethanol Fireplace Inserts


Upgrade your home with this super stylish Bioethanol Fireplace Insert. No chimney or flume required, this incredible fireplace makes no smoke and you don’t even need an electric or gas supply either. A fireplace which is as futuristic as they come. To find out more head here.


Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp


Salt lamps are a must for any home in 2016. Not only do they offer incredible health benefits which you can read all about here, they are a great addition to any room. A soft pink light makes a beautiful atmosphere come to life, whilst keeping all those toxins at bay! Get your hands on one of the most talked about natural health products of 2015 here.


Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator


Make life easier in 2016 with a Smart refrigerator, not only is this new technology super efficient, it takes away all the hassles of grocery shopping and storing. With a camera inside the actual fridge to show you what your low on, a huge touch screen built in display allowing you to stream music, organize your family’s calendar and even buy grocery’s automatically, this ambitious launch from Samsung will change the whole refrigerator game for ever! Head over here to hear all about it.


Bernooli Smart Craft Cocktail System

cocktail maker

If you love cocktails and would love to make them at home but have no clue how to master the art, then this smart craft cocktail system is about to change your life.  Simply use the app to choose a cocktail, place the light activated lids on your alcohol bottles and the app will automatically show you which ones to add when and will even control the perfect amount of alcohol per cocktail. Find out more over here.