27 Leftover Ham And Turkey Recipes

 27 Leftover Ham And Turkey Recipes

With the Holidays nearly over we all have plenty of leftovers to try and get through and dry sandwiches are no longer as tasty as they were on the fist day.

With these 27 delectable recipes you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of completely different alternatives with everything from Pot Pie to Ham Mac’n’Cheese there’s something here for everyone.

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Turkey Quesadillas With Cranberry Sauce

Turkey Pot Pie

Brown Rice Casserole

Spring Rolls

Clean Eating Sloppy Joes

Leftover Curry

Tasty Turkey Risotto


Shepherds Pie With Leftover Turkey

Leftover Frittata

Noodle Soup

Taiwanese Turkey Rice


Easy Turkey Hot Pot


Roasted Bacon Cheesy Potatoes

Ham And Broccoli Breakfast Casserole

Quiche Lorraine

Mac’n’Cheese With Ham

Split Pea And Ham Soup

Ham And Vegetable Medley

Leftover Ham Pot Pie

Ham And Cheese In Puff Pastry

Mother’s Ham Casserole

Restaurant Style Ham Fried Rice

Ham Pasta Salad

Ham And Cheese Muffins

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