20 DIY Planters You Need In Your Garden This Spring

20 DIY Planters You Need In Your Garden This Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and with Spring, comes gardening! If you’re excited to start growing your garden as soon as we are, here a couple of great ideas to get the jump on creative and colorful planting this year.


1. Old Tires

If you’re looking for bright and colorful inspired planters this year, these themed teacups are actually made from old tires, and make a generously sized pot!

2. Old Jeans

Charming and unique, turning your old jeans in a planter can really add a personal and homey feel to any potted plant.

3. Plastic Bottle Wall

Have limited space? Never fear! By simply converting old plastic bottles, you can stack small-to-medium plants along vertical surfaces. You can even do it with Morning Glory and vines!

4. Kerosene Drums

Another cutesy themed idea is to convert old oil or kerosene drums into planters. Decorating them can be just as fun!


5. Chandelier

For a vintage-inspired idea, keep your eyes peeled for old chandeliers. Sans candles, these make the perfect vine hangers, and look both aesthetically original and beautiful for a patio.

6. Vintage Book

Looking for something indoor or really eye catching for small plants? Succulents need little water, and these old book conversions make for an excellent period ambience.

7. Hollow Log

For a seamlessly natural vessel for your flowerbed, this hollowed log delivers a perfect presentation as a planter. Time only promises to see the natural appearance improve, as long as you don’t mind some work to set it up.

8. Bicycle

If you think your kid’s bikes are already a lawn ornament, you might get a kick out of this idea: bicycle planters. They also make for a great semi-seasonal planter, and are easy to move for lawn care.

9. Old Chair

Bright color is just one painted chair away. Making a great accent to embed your plants into is a visually appealing simple presentation, but one that is not to be understated.

10. Rain Boots

These cute boot pots are the epitome of Springtime rainy weather, and simulates the fresh clean feeling of a warm April rain.

11. Hanging Kettle

If you’ve moved on from you old kitchen stove kettle, you don’t have to do away with it just yet. A little love an decoration can turn this into an excellent flower or herb pot.

12. Fairy Garden

Gardening is a great pastime to get kids involved with young. Tiny details and a little character can turn even a broken flowerpot into a work of imagination.

13. Wine Bottles

For an awesome hanging plant concept, find some old glass bottles (wine bottles work well), and add some pete or moss as a moisture sponge. You can grow vines right out of the bottom!

14. Bird Cage

As we said before, succulents require very little water. As a result, you can pot them in just about anything with a little bit of soil and some sunlight! This birdcage idea is gorgeous.

15. Wine Barrel

For a homey cottage or lake house, tailoring a barrel for a year round planter on a porch, patio, or deck is a great time investment. The tiered wall design is perfect for a corner section to show off your plants.

16. Easter Egg

For a little fun early-Spring green, you can convert your painted eggs into an Easter-themed decoration!

17. Pallet Herb Garden

If you’ve been looking for a way to stack your garden upright due to space constraints, finding a simple pallet with a few modifications can turn a herb garden into a well organized and natural looking stacked planter.

18. Hanging Kettle Planter

With more depth, you can plant and move larger plants. If you’ve been looking to have a small tree that’s sensitive to your area’s seasonal climate, creating a movable planter can be a great solution to monitoring temperature and weather.

19. Milk Carton

You wouldn’t think of linen as your first idea of a wrap for a plant, but when you view it as a living vase, the design is actually very sensible. These pots are made from recycled mile cartons, and are very inexpensive and cute!

20. Strawberry Tower

If you’re looking to go the extra mile with your garden this Spring, this piping is what you’ve been looking for. This set up is excellent for any type of vine growing plant, be it flowers or fruits.